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Indoorlands Review


Become the most successful park entrepreneur by decorating your ride halls and decoration halls, designing your rides and choosing between different stores and restaurants to make guests their happiest in Indoorlands. As both a theme park fan and a tycoon game aficionado, I knew I had to give this game a review.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

As briefly described earlier, in Indoorlands you are creating an indoor theme park with so many options from what rides to have, the theming of rooms and halls, decoration choices and restaurant options. You do need to develop your park to satisfy visitor needs to earn varying points to level up and get more access to stores, restaurants, rides, and themed décor. You also need to choose what your research goes towards to better your park as well.

For this review I played the early access version of the game, which will have some influence on my overall opinion. Since it it early access there are still some bugs that can happen and features missing that would appear in the final game.

The game is fairly straightforward and easy enough to figure out if you have played this kinds of games before. There were just a couple of things I would have liked to know more about before really playing, which would need to be in the tutorial. The tutorial is very bare bones currently, and could use much more detailed instructions on how things work, but since it is in early access they even say in it that the tutorial is still a work in progress.

Once I figured things out better, I spent a good two hours just playing it non-stop and enjoying it. The game aspect mainly occurs with earning points in different areas to level up. One way is with how attractive your park is which you can increase with good placement of buildings and décor. The other is garnered from visitor opinion. So including things they request, like shopping with higher quality or restaurants with higher taste, will aid you in that effort.

I want to commend the UI because it’s fairly smooth and easy to navigate. A further developed tutorial will help in the long run of course, but when it came to just playing blindly and bouncing around I had no issues. Graphically as a whole it is quite nice.

Since it is still in early access, I do forgive the game for the lack of variety in rides. There are only two types currently that are honestly quite similar, and I really wanted more options like roller coasters or water rides, etc. I imagine the closer they get to full release, the more options there will be which will really help grow the replayability. And as is, there is decent variety and customization in other areas that make it easy to keep playing on and on.

Overall, this game has a lot of potentially and I’d love to play more especially at full release. The indoor nature makes it unique and it’s the perfect middle ground between Roller Coaster Tycoon and Planet Coaster with a ton of potential. I look forward to seeing how this game develops further and do plan on playing it again.

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