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While I am not an active participant in Blaugust, I did see that the theme for this week is developer appreciation. So I decided to share my favorite game developers alongside the event.

League of Geeks

League of Geeks is an Australian game developer that is responsible for my favorite game Armello. They are developing more games that I’m looking forward to playing and I still avidly play Armello.

Games: Armello

Nomada Studio

Nomada Studio is a Spanish game developer that brought arguably the most beautiful game to ever exist: GRIS. The stunning puzzle game with gorgeous art and ethereal music is one of my top games ever. I look forward to seeing what else they develop and follow them closely.

Games: GRIS


inkle probably wins the award of having the most games by a single developer I have played and reviewed. inkle has many wonderful games and I’ve been lucky to work with the developers to try them and share them with you. I don’t hesitate to play inkle games.

Games: Overboard!, 80 Days, Heaven’s Vault

Polygon Treehouse

Although they only have one game thus far, Polygon Treehouse created a wonderful, immersive game in Röki that I greatly enjoyed. I also got to speak with some of the developers and they were wonderful people so that is a plus.

Games: Röki

Publisher Shout-Out: Devolver Digital

Devolver is the one publisher I pay attention to actively and I enjoy many of their games, so I wanted to shout them out alongside the developers.

Games: GRIS, Reigns: Her Majesty

Who are some of your favorite game developers and publishers? Share them with a comment below.


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