Currently… A Blog Update

I’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes things with the blog, wanting to update and evolve now that I’m six years in, and this is just a quick update for what I have planned.

Let’s Talk A Bit About Life

A life, such a tempestuous thing. So many ups and downs happen and that is clearly evident in my posting habits thus far in 2021, especially compared to 2020. There isn’t a sole reason for this necessarily, with some issues just not being motivated to write posts or sometimes I am motivated to write fiction (which I started doing at the end of 2020). Recently I had a terrible depressive slump due to stagnancy and monotony in my life and that put every hobby and interest on pause. But I’m better now, I know myself well enough to get through this stuff, and I’m hoping I can get back some consistency on the blog for the rest of the year.

New Ideas

Rewind Reviews

I’ve been debating for a long time about reviewing things that are not recent or at least within the current zeitgeist. I’d think it would be nice to go back in time and review things I either have seen as a child or maybe missed out on from years ago. Giving an older piece of media a fresh perspective is the plan for this and will be like most of my other reviews structure wise.

Spotlight On

With Spotlight On, I’ll be highlight something or someone with a post featuring their work and things to check out. I want to use this to share game developers, authors, artists, and more. So I shall take my musical theater nerdom and shine a spotlight on these people.

Returning Ideas

I am excited for to return to some past series, especially my Field Trips which came to a complete halt when the pandemic stopped any and all travel. Now that we’re getting back open, albeit slowly, I do have some trips in the future including a lot of musical theater and a Disneyland trip.

I’m hoping that over the holidays I can take stock of what series I have and what I want to keep going. But if there is a certain series or concept you enjoy, please leave a comment telling me what it is.


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