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Drag S.O.S Review


Drag S.O.S is a British makeover show where a drag collective travels around the United Kingdom and provides citizens of various cities the opportunity to become a drag queen for a night, lip sync and all. After a Drag Race kick, I came across the show and gave it a watch and here is what I thought of it.

The Family Gorgeous, comprised of Cheddar Gorgeous, Anna Phylactic, Liquorice Black, Tete Bang and Lill, search of average citizens looking to find their inner fabulous through drag. Most of the participants, both men and women, are searching for something, be it finding a way to connect to their queer child, embracing their own queerness, or finding needed self-confidence.

This show is downright wholesome. It renewed my faith in humanity in all honesty. The mission to begin with of helping people find their inner fabulous is already heartwarming, and the fact that the participants are truly looking for that to better themselves or their life is the cherry on top.

Not every episode is sunshine and roses all the way through as some participants have difficult backstories or their reality is unfortunately not supported my loved ones, but in the end these draglings put on wonderful performances and find their inner fabulous regardless of obstacles and that is beautiful.

You don’t need to know anything about drag to watch this show, as drag is mostly the empowering tool and the transformations of the participants is what matters. And if you do know and enjoy drag, you’ll still find enjoyment from both the new queens and The Family Gorgeous.

Speaking of The Family, they are all such good queens and people. They all have unique style and skills that, when brought together, create beautiful work and empowerment.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Drag S.O.S and would watch more if it ever happens. This was originally filmed in 2019 but just recently came to Hulu, thus how I found it. I’ll gladly watch a a season 2 and more of this wholesome fabulousness.

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