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Favorite K-Pop B-Sides


B-sides in K-Pop are non-title tracks on an album, and there are many B-sides that are amazing and need more love, so I am sharing my favorites with you today.

Bad Dream by CIX

CIX’s first full album released this year and overall it is great, but Bad Dream stands out to me and has become my favorite off the album. It has more edge to it that I like in music.

Period by Purple Kiss

Easily my most listened to track off of this album. I would fall asleep listening to it because of how calm it is. It’s also a standout on the album for being the one ballad.

The View by Stray Kids

The View is easily my favorite and most played track off the most recent Stray Kids album. The fun vibe and message are enlightening amongst the rougher tracks and it makes me feel hopeful, which is a unique feeling in music for me.


I don’t exactly know why FEVER is the Enhypen track that has stuck with me, but it is. I enjoy the sultriness of it and their voices fit it very well, making it one of their best songs thus far in my opinion.

Hell in Heaven by TWICE

I wasn’t a big Twice fan when I started branching out my K-Pop listening. I liked a few songs but mostly just their title tracks and didn’t go deeper. But I decided to listen to all of Eyes Wide Open and fell in love with Hell in Heaven. It’s more mature than their other songs and I love the Alice in Wonderland motif.

Gasoline by Monsta X

Fatal Love as a whole is a masterpiece of an album and the entire thing is worth listening to. One track that stuck with me the most though is Gasoline. It’s very mature sounding and represents both the album and the group well.

We Lost The Summer by TXT

Tomorrow X Together has so many amazing songs. But the one that got me to listen deeper into their discography was We Lost The Summer. I love how it has a connection to a previous song, Our Summer, and the whole vibe and sound I enjoy.


All of 3YE’s music is great, but On Air is really special in my opinion because it is so tonally different from their other music. It has a soft elegance to it that I love and shows their versatility.

What are your favorite B-sides in K-Pop? Tell me with a comment!


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