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Favorite BTS B-Sides


I shared my favorite B-Sides in K-Pop previously, and in that post you may have noticed I didn’t include any from BTS. And that was intentional because I knew I was going to need an entire post just for them because their discography is that amazing. So let’s get started!

I am only including songs that include all members, so no solos or sub-units because if I did this post would be so, so long. Plus I made a post sharing my favorite solo songs already.

Let Me Know

Older songs are very hit or miss with me, and while I like most of them, none really reach favorite status until Let Me Know. It was an early song that really showcased what they were capable of and actually fits really well with later music of theirs.

Boyz With Fun

Boyz With Fun is just a really fun song filled with personality and energy that I enjoy when I want to get pumped up and happy.

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon, or Baepsae, has long been a favorite since I started getting more into BTS. I think it is an iconic song, not solely because of the choreography, but also how it fits with their vibe even after maturing as well as it representing their original intent as a group.

21st Century Girl

This is like Boyz With Fun for me. It is energetic and really fun and a guilty pleasure favorite of mine honestly. If you need an energy boost, this song will do it.


Heartbeat, which is from the original soundtrack of the mobile game BTS World, is such a beautiful song. Because it is kind of hidden on an OST and not an album it gets missed and even I forget about it. But when it comes on, I remember how much I love it.

Pied Piper

Pied Piper is such a clever song lyrically and the sultry sound makes it very unique and iconic. It’s a cherished track in the fandom for sure and it took me a while to appreciate, but it’s now secured a favorites spot.

Make It Right

Make It Right is the first BTS song I ever listened to! Because they did a version with Lauv, who I already enjoyed, I gave the original a listen and now look where I am. Like Heartbeat, this is one I sometimes forget about until I hear it again and remember why it is so good.


Dionysus is iconic, especially with the massive stage performance they have for it. It’s an unforgettable song that could have honestly been a title track on it’s own if Boy With Luv wasn’t chosen.

Black Swan

I adore Black Swan so, so much. It’s gorgeous from music to performance and beyond. It’s one of my all-time favorite BTS songs, and even K-Pop songs honestly.

Your eyes tell

From one of their Japanese albums, Your eyes tell is a beautiful track with a unique sound and powerful vocals across the board. I honestly like this song more than the title track.


On first listen I was iffy about Dis-ease. The vocal line is stellar, but I had to warm up to the rap parts. But now it is my favorite track on the album.


SEA is a special extra for this list because it is actually a secret track on the Love Yourself: Her album that you can only officially get from a physical copy. It’s a gorgeous song that is very personal, speaking on their journey as growing artists, and is a must listen in my opinion.

What are your favorite BTS B-sides? If you don’t know, you can give their whole discography a listen with the playlist below!


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