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Quick Takes: Game Devs of Color Expo 2021 Direct


Game Devs of Color Expo was this weekend and so many great creators got to share their work and insight. They had an Indie Showcase Direct that shared a bunch of games and here are my quick takes on them based on the showcase.

These are not every game featured at the Expo, just the ones specifically in The Direct. Many more games were shared in dev interviews and the Steam events as well.

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator

Overall it just isn’t my kind of game. It is an interesting concept.

Dot’s Home

The story seems interesting and exploring gentrification is something we should all do more of, and through a game it’s the perfect way. It seems to be a point-and-click which I personally don’t play very much.

Slime Heroes

It looks adorable for sure. I personally don’t play fighting games at all so I’d personally pass, but if that mechanic and genre fits what you like, check out Slime Heroes.

Night Reverie

There is a lot of mystery with this game still, as this trailer implies. It looks to be a puzzle game in a fantasy pixel art world. It looks interesting and it one that for me I’d need to look into more to really feel it out.

Onsen Master

First off, the art is adorable. Mechanics wise it reminds me of Overcooked where you need to run around on different maps to run the onsen within a time limit. This is one that I’d maybe try on the Switch specifically.

Boiling Point!

A board game! This premise is hilarious, since you play as crustaceans escaping boiling water, fighting the chefs trying to turn you into dinner. And it seems to have a good bit of strategy to make it a worthwhile game beyond the funny concept.

Lonesome Village

Stardew Valley but as an adorable fox and with a touch of magic. That is basically all I gathered from the trailer.


Another overcook style game, but this time you’re working with friends to run an inn. Also looks like some magic is involved. The chibi art is very cute and it seems like a fun co-op game.

Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match 3 To

A matching game combined with a visual novel it seems like. Music is obviously a significant part, and magic is also involved. What pulls me in is the colorful, diverse characters.

Supersonic Rhyme Chamber

A rap battle fighting game is what I gather. Also it seems to solely be in VR, specifically Oculus. So since I don’t have any VR system, this one is a pass for me.

Claw Arena

An arena fighting game with animals. It also seems to be a mobile game only, so keep that in mind. Looks like it will have a lot of variety with characters and special abilities.

Steam Up: A Feast of Dimsum

Another board game, specifically a set collection game. I love the art and the components of the dimsum baskets. I will be looking into this further.


Dating sim visual novel with diverse characters, both ethnically and sexually. I’m not exactly sure how this game differentiates itself from others in the genre, so will have to look more into that.

Sokobond Express

A very quick take for a very quick trailer is that this looks like a periodic table of elements puzzle game. Not enough to know more.

Penpal Princess

A princess trapped in the tallest tower writing love letters, physical and digital, to heroes hoping to save her. The concept is cute and fun, so I’ll keep an eye on this one.

1000 Deaths

Not exactly sure of anything with this game. All they showed was your character running around a colorful town. No gameplay, no explanations, just that. So I’ll pass.

Last Legacy

This comes from developers I have played previous game of, so I’m already intrigued and willing to give it a try. Looks to be a visual novel for mobile, played within a specific app which is interesting. I would have preferred it to be in it’s own app, but that is a small preference on my part.

Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action

A turn-based game set in a cyberpunk world where music is forbidden. It’s an interesting concept and I’m curious to see how the music side plays out.


Not exactly sure what to expect in this game. It seems to be a fighting game, maybe a roguelike. There is a spiritual world and a real world that you move between, battling for some reason I’m not sure. It was a hard to follow trailer honestly.


Looks like you play as a meteor, racing against others and having different powerups as you go. Very action heavy it seems, which isn’t for me but might be for you.

After School Afterlife

A puzzle platformer that looks cool and quirky, with fun art and a variety of mechanics and minigames.

She Dreams Elsewhere

Undertale but you’re in a mall is what I get from this trailer. It has a creepy undertone as well, so it could possibly lean horror or thriller in some way. The color palette is what is the most eye catching to me.

Skate Story

This focused on gameplay specifically, and it’s a skateboarding game where you need to perform stunts and tricks. The world is kind of cyberpunk like, leaning into a dark and grunge vibe so the story aspect of this might lend itself to the scenery. But that is an assumption.

Spell Blaster

Magical roguelike through different maps. Genre wise not of interest to me, but it looks like a promising game for those who enjoy those mechanics and style.

Epiphany City

An interesting puzzle game where it looks like you have a device of some kind to grab snippets of things to solve the puzzles, with the ability to flip and turn one thing to make it something else. The art is cute and looks to have supernatural, maybe magical, elements as well. Many epiphanies are to be had it seems.

3D Print Your Life

A 3D printing simulator it seems where you collect orders from customers to fulfill. Has a sandbox feel to it and reminds me of Minecraft visually.


The art is beautiful as a starting observation. Looks like a management game where you grow and build a community of some kind. Not sure if there is a specific premise or story involved, but looks really interesting.


The world that this game takes place in is what is most interesting in my opinion. Gameplay wise it is another roguelike, which isn’t of interest to me.

Neko Ghost, Jump

A platformer reminiscent of Super Mario but with cats. It looks adorable, although the constant mews might get annoying.


A turn-based card game where you play as adventurers trying to defeat a super monster that is ruining the peace between humans and monsters. It is super colorful and the characters all look interesting, and even though this isn’t a type of game I’ve played before it looks fun and I might give it a try.

A Shiba Story

Seems like you play as someone training and getting to know a Shiba inu. Lots of mini games and meeting other characters. Doesn’t seem like much more depth is there, but that isn’t a bad thing. I just want to know if there really is a story we’re following.

You can watch all of the the Indie Games Showcase below!


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