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Field Trip: Hamilton at the Pantages


I finally got to see Hamilton on stage at the Hollywood Pantages and I must gush about the experience!

It was so nice to see live theater again after such a long break. And before the world turned upside down last year, I was supposed to see Hamilton. So finally getting to see this juggernaut of a musical is worth it.

Of course the show itself was amazing. The house was packed and energetic. But my favorite part of watching the show was getting to see my brother’s reaction. Prior to this, he had never seen or listened to anything Hamilton. So it was fun to see how he responded. As for the show itself, every performer was amazing but there were some standouts for me.

Our Alexander Hamilton was one of the standby actors, Vincent Jamal Hooper specifically, and he was incredible in the role. I wouldn’t have guessed that he was a standy because it was so seamless and well done.

Nicholas Christopher as Aaron Burr was also spectacular. I really enjoyed his performance and how he played Burr. He’s the anti-hero plagued by desperation and it fits so well and adds complexity I wasn’t expecting.

Simon Longnight is Lafayette and Jefferson and performed both so, so well. His Jefferson in particular is rather iconic if I do say so myself and it was a standout performance for sure.

Last I want to mention specifically is the ensemble. I found myself watching them throughout the show.

Overall, I laughed and nearly cried and was so happy to finally see Hamilton live. It was an excellent first show back to live theater and I’d see it again given the chance.

Have you seen Hamilton, either live or the film? Share you thoughts with a comment below.


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I love Hamilton and recently saw it with my partner this month (it was also our first theatre trip after lockdown)! This was in London but the music and production values were just amazing. I’ve been obsessively listening to the soundtrack since!

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