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Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 7


It’s time for my annual post suggesting some geeky costumes you can get together quickly in time for Halloween.

Squid Game Player

The sudden Korean hit from Netflix makes good inspiration. The teal track suit is all you really need, and then add a random number. You could also go for a guard with a pink tracksuit and add a mask. Easily done with clothes you can find in a store and just a bit of DIY.

Disneyland Castmember

A castmember costume offer a lot of variety and option. The main piece you need is the name badge with you could quickly craft yourself. And then you can dig through old costumes to make something or even your everyday clothes.

Hadestown Ensemble

The chorus for Hadestown have two options for costumes, and so do you! You can either be the above ground option, which is a lot of flannel, leather, and outdoorsy. Or you can be a worker in Hadestown, which is a little harder to do but has fewer pieces with just brown overalls, a bandeau, and goggles.

Dead by Daylight Survivor

If you want options, Dead by Daylight gives you so, so many. The survivors are the easiest since they are everyday attire, from jeans to leggings, t-shirts to tank tops. And with so many characters and even more choices for outfits, you can easily put something together.

Queen of Hearts

Since the Queen of Hearts as many iterations, there are options. And you can even come up with your own version if you want! Makeup will take this a long way as well, so if you have makeup with you, bust it out and get creative.

Violet Beauregarde

Speaking of makeup, Violet can easily lean that and be an easy option. Dress the color of a blueberry and make your face mid-transformation and you are Violet Beauregarde.

What are you wearing for Halloween? Let me know with a comment below!


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