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Stories I Want to See as Musicals


I have been in quite the musical theater hole as of late, and I got to thinking about what stories, be it from literature or film, that I’d want to see get the Broadway treatment.


The idea for Coraline to be a musical is mainly because of how Beetlejuice has been made into one that is actually very well received. I wouldn’t want Coraline to be as campy and over-the-top, but the moodier and darker premise would lend itself to an interesting show. Plus just imagine how cool they could make the other mother. I wouldn’t want them to take from the movie version, but rather take the original text and adapt that.

The Great Gatsby

I am probably not the first to say this, but I want a Great Gatsby musical. I’ve seen it as a ballet, so why not a musical too? Especially if they really embrace the Baz Luhrmann style that is grandiose and full glamour.


When I am saying Mulan will make a great musical, I am talking about the animated Disney film specifically. My brother and I had a whole conversation imagining what they could do and ideas from having the set be painted like the opening credits of the film and utilizing Chinese paper folding to make puppets for Mushu, Crikey, and the horses. It could be super gorgeous if put in the right hands.

The Loved One

This is actually a book I read in my high school AP English class. The story is a satire on the shallowness and pretensions of British expatriates and Americans in post-World War II Los Angeles, where the action is set principally in two funeral parlors, one for humans and the other for pets. I think this could be adapted to a musical because the characters all have their own wants and intentions, which come together and fall apart.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, also known as the Bangtan Universe, sounds like it would be way too complex to be a musical. And it easily could be, but the idea of making it a jukebox musical with BTS’ music telling the stories of these complex and troubled characters could be really interesting. It really depends on how it was adapted. And I am a believer that anything can be a musical if done right.

What stories do you think would be fit for Broadway? Let me know with a comment below!


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If they make a musical of Mulan I am so there! That movie has so much potential as a musical! I’m not super familiar with The Great Gatsby, but could you imagine how awesome some of those dance numbers would be??

Coraline has been adapted into a musical already. 🙂 Premiered Off-Broadway four months after the film came out. Might be worth a listen.

The stories I gravitate towards for musicals tend to be off-the-beaten-path. Like What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. A musical was made, but sooooo poorly. I’d want to fix that. I think more mysteries could be turned into musicals, but they’d have to consider the tone of the show. Musicals dramas do exist. Not everything has to be a kick line.

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