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Favorite Stray Kids B-Sides


I have shared B-Sides before, one for BTS exclusively and another broader one. And when looking at my playlists, the other group that I have many favorite songs, both title tracks and b-sides, is Stray Kids. So here are my favorites from them!

I am only including songs that include all members, so no solos, sub-units, or pre-debut works either.


One of my many favorites from GO LIVE is Easy. It’s a nice foil to the title track GOD’S MENU and keeps with the tone of Stray Kids really well.

The View

Yes, The View was mentioned in my original favorite b-sides post, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s probably my favorite track off of NOEASY honestly and I love the easy vibe it has.


Another track from NOEASY I really like is Domino. There is just something really addictive about the xylophone that makes me enjoy it a lot.


Any is easily a top favorite out of Stray Kids’ whole discography. In LIFE is my favorite album and this track, along with the other additions for the repackage, is so good. Any though is one of those songs I don’t skip when it comes up on shuffle.


GO LIVE, which is also my favorite album since it is the base of the repackage IN LIFE, has so many hidden gems in the b-sides, including Phobia. I enjoy the energy it has and how it stands out from the usual Stray Kids sound but the vibe fits them perfectly.


TOP was the second Stray Kids song I ever listened to, specifically the English version which I prefer. If I had to pick a song that perfectly encompasses who Stray Kids is, I’d pick TOP.

Victory Song

I bet most people think Victory Song is a title track, but it isn’t! It’s an iconic SKZ song and is one of my all-time favorites from them. Felix’s deep voice in this is just so impressive.


TA is such a hype, energetic song that I like for that reason specifically. If I need a boost, TA is the perfect way to do it.

Mixtape #4

This is my secret sneaky way to get a 3RACHA track in here. This track originated from the 3RACHA track “Broken Compass” which is my favorite song of the trio. And the adaptation for Stray Kids is equally as good.

What are your favorite b-sides? Let me know with a comment below!


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