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First Look: Tetragon


Tetragon is a vast mysterious universe of unique puzzles, magical mazes, and challenges that you will have to twist and turn to solve. Here are my first impressions!

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

In Tetragon, your goal is to move the plane realities using the spinning world gravity wisely. Move columns, flip the world, and watch your step as you test your mind and guide the brave lumberjack through the scattered worlds in search of his lost son.

At the start, there isn’t too much story to pull you in beyond the lumberjack, named Lucios, going into a magical entry to find his son who disappeared in the green glow. Once you are inside this new realm, an entity guides you into a tutorial, but also seems to carry expectations for your character beyond simply helping him. There is a lot of mystery ahead and you’ll have to tackle the steadily more difficult puzzles to get through it.

The highlight from my initial play is that it is aesthetically beautiful. And it runs so smoothly that it’s easy to get immersed in what you are doing. It is also quite relaxing, as long as you find puzzles relaxing. The difficulty does increase as you go, but it’s done slowly enough to not feel like a sudden plummet into mind-boggling tricks and challenges.

If you really enjoy puzzle games, you’ll likely enjoy Tetragon. And if you’re unsure if that is a genre you’ll enjoy, Tetragon is a good starting point in my opinion. However, if your favorite part of a game is the story, this game does not give you a lot to get into that aspect so it may not be your cup of tea.

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