Songs I Skip In My Favorite Musicals


No matter how much you love something, there will be parts of it that you just aren’t a fan of. An example of this for me is certain songs in musicals I adore. And here are some of them.

Haus of Holbein from Six

I don’t dislike the song, but what I most enjoy about Six is the solos of each of the queens. This song just offers a quick explanation to add context to Cleves’ solo. It can also be obnoxious sometimes which is tiring to listen to.

Blue/You’re Welcome from Heathers

These songs are an example of songs I actually hate. Blue is from the original off-Broadway production and You’re Welcome replaced it for West End. Blue is cringey and You’re Welcome is downright unsettling and upsetting. I’ll never like songs with abusive undertones so both of these are immediate skips.

Flowers from Hadestown

All of Hadestown is brilliant and beautiful and should be listened to all the way through, but depending on my mood I’ll skip Flowers. It’s melancholic and doesn’t continue the plot, which is something I like in musicals.

You’ll Be Back from Hamilton

King George’s songs are a skip for me, not because they are bad, but because you can skip them and it wouldn’t affect the plot at all. Also, I really don’t like or understand why people say King George is their favorite character.

A Sentimental Man from Wicked

The short version is: the wizard sucks. And the song is not that good or interesting. I don’t care about the wizard at all, so I don’t want a song from him.

I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal

This song is similar to Flowers in why I skip it. The song is good, but it’s just a melancholic song of her thoughts and if I’m not in the mood, I’ll skip.

Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables

Another one like Flowers and I Miss the Mountains. Just add that it is a child singing instead and it isn’t melancholic. But compared to other “I want” songs in the show, this is my least favorite.

Two of a Kind from The Wild Party

Maybe if I saw The Wild Party live I’d have more understanding and maybe appreciation for this song. But the two characters that sing it are not the leads and I really don’t care about them.

All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera

I feel like this makes me look like a cynic who hates love, but that’s not the case. I just lose interest in it easily and find that Phantom has more interesting music than All I Ask Of You.

Is there anything you’ll skip over in your favorite fandoms? Let me know with a comment below.


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