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Idol Manager Review


Do you think you can manage being the CEO and manager of an entertainment agency? You can find out by playing Idol Manager, a business simulator game about conquering the entertainment industry. I’ve played this game a lot and finally decided it needed a review.

In the game, you will recruit performers and craft a winning girl group by increasing their skills in vocals, dance, appearance, and personality. Every girl will also have a unique trait that can benefit or detriment the group. Once you’ve got a group together, you want to write songs, position the members, and perform to win fans and make money.

There is a lot to this game that a quick overview can’t really cover. You have to balance taking care of your performers as well as keeping them working to make money. You can do this with concerts, ad campaigns, television shows, radio shows, and a lot more. You will unlock more options as you, the manager, earns skill points. Your staff (the choreographers, producers, stylists, etc.) also earn skill points that you can use to upgrade their skills and improve the group. And then you have to balance managing what your performers want, getting to know them to gain their trust, and making sure their health is taken care of along with everything else you’re doing.

I’ve easily played this game for hours and hours because there is a lot to do. The game itself has two modes: a story mode and a free mode. I prefer the free mode so it can go on as long as you wish and you’re freer with your choices overall. And depending on the difficulty you choose, you can ignore the money which is admittedly the most difficult thing to balance.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed playing Idol Manager. You can easily spend hours playing it and not get bored with all of the options and decisions you have to make. There have been a few bugs but this game is still in development so that’s bound to happen. If you have an interest in management/simulation games or the idol industry, give this game a try!

Are there any simulation games for different industries that you enjoy? Tell me about them with a comment!


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