K-Pop Music Recap

My 2021 Spotify Wrapped


It’s that time of year where all of us Spotify users get to see how we spent the year in music. Here is a recap of mine!

First up let’s talk about the amount of time I’ve spent listening to music and the kind of music specifically. The fact I’ve spent 62,905 minutes (aka 43.68 days) isn’t super surprising to me since I listen to it during lengthy activities like driving to and from work and to help me go to sleep. What does surprise me is that I listen more than 95% of other USA listeners.

As for genres, none of those are a surprise. Of course, K-Pop is first because it is my go-to now. Broadway isn’t a surprise either, especially since I’ve had periods this year of being in a musicals kick and listening to new shows. At first, Sad Rap surprised me, but when I went looking into my playlists I saw my chill playlist is where all of that is at, and I did listen to that a lot earlier in the year.

Now for the specific tops of the music, again none of this is surprising. BTS being my top artist is what I expected especially since I did binge listen to Butter on repeat when it came out. My top five artists are not what I expected but they make complete sense. Lots of playing their music on repeat for sure.

My top songs however are a surprise. I know I’ve listened on repeat these songs a lot but they weren’t ones that came to my mind first. Period and In The Silence were songs I’d listen to on a loop to fall asleep to so that is why they are the top spots. How Drunk-Dazed is third I don’t even know, especially since I know I looped After Midnight and Butter a lot.

Podcast time! I honestly am not a big podcast person and tend to have phases of listening that don’t last long. That being said, I did listen to more this year than ever. I’ve written about Red Web so you can check that out to learn more, and I plan to write about MusicalSplaining and Annual Pass in the near future.

As for the fun extras that wrapped gave us this year, here are mine! My audio aura being comforting and wistful is very accurate, especially since music to fall asleep is a firm part of my routine. As for what my movie soundtrack is, that is a weird trio of themes for one movie but the songs do work I guess. I guess if we make the final battle a dance-off too it’ll work. So I guess my movie is a romance around competitive dance.

To wrap up the wrapped, this is what my music tastes have been like for the last year. I like how there have been both big changes along with some solid similarities between my wrapped from last year. BTS is still holding their own, but newcomers have found their way as well. Can’t wait to see what 2022 will be like.

You can watch my whole Spotify Wrapped in the video below!

What was your Spotify Wrapped like? Tell me your favorite or most surprising stats with a comment below!


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