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Field Trip: The Band’s Visit


This past weekend, my brother and I went to see The Band’s Visit, the Tony award-winning musical that is currently on tour. Here’s a recap of that experience and what I thought of the show.

The Band’s Visit is about an Egyptian police band who gets stranded in a small Israeli town in the middle of the desert. Over the one night that the locals and the band share, they find commonality between their cultures and find a human connection that is truly universal.

Every member of the cast did a wonderful job, but there are a few specific performances I want to touch on Janet Dacal as Dina was wonderful and her character really steals the show. Sasson Gabay plays Tewfiq, who is the conductor of the band, and he was actually the original actor of the role in the film that inspired the show. Learning that made the performance feel extra special. And lastly, the band were all beautiful performers, all playing their instruments live on stage and acting as a connecting thread through the different vignettes.

The music is so lovely and evocative. I love how melodies are interconnected just like how these characters’ lives are in those moments they share. And I was pleasantly surprised that this show had some humor along with the heartfelt. Nothing over the top, but still enough levity to brighten moments. And the humor doesn’t detract from the heartfelt or heartbreaking. It’s all just very human.

I describe this show as simple yet profound. This is not a spectacle or the stereotypical big Broadway show some may expect. But a beautiful story doesn’t need every bell and whistle to make an impact, just like not every interaction has to be fireworks to be insightful. It’s a lovely little show that has a unique charm, unlike any other show I’ve seen.

What is something you’ve loved because of its simplicity? Tell me about it with a comment.


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