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K-Pop Songs To Ring In The New Year


If you’re getting ready to say goodbye to the current year and celebrate the fresh start of the next, may I suggest a soundtrack for that? Here are some K-Pop tracks that are great for ringing in the new year.

All of these songs have a theme that relates to moving on and setting yourself up for a great year in some way. Whether it is a hype up track to remind you how awesome you are, a party song just to celebrate living another year, or a hopeful tune to set you on the right foot, a song for you is in this list.

The View by Stray Kids

♫ Now I feel comfortable, I like it, this feeling. And I’ll never ever let it go (Let’s go) I like the viеw right now♫


Bе a firework that lights up the sky always

Not The End by Highlight

♫ I’m still here, it’s not the end ♫

After Midnight by WayV

♫ The midnight waits for the hands of the clock to unveil it ♫

Drunk-Dazed by ENHYPEN

♫ Beautiful and brilliant. My glittering vision is a diamond. In a world with no rules ♫

Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG

♫ Jump at the sound of your heartbeat. Till this comes to an end ♫

Back Door by Stray Kids

♫ Move over, and here I come. Last time was just a warm-up ♫

New Heroes by Ten

♫ We all live for the day. They’ll be screaming our names. So we keep on, keep on, keep on ♫

Fireworks (I’m The One) by Ateez

♫ Right now we are just like fireworks ♫


♫ Got no time for haters. To all the bad guys and the players, I’m like. La-di-da-la-di-da-da ♫

Outro: Wings by BTS

♫ It’s time to be brave, I’m not afraid. Because I believe I’m different from what I was ♫


♫ Goodbye, au revoir, adios ♫

After Midnight by ASTRO

♫ After midnight, In the moonlight.Let go all of the worries ♫

Wannabe by Itzy

♫ I don’t wanna be somebody. Just wanna be me ♫

What songs are you listening to in the new year? Let me know with a comment!


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