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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts Review


Since I subscribed to HBO Max for other content, I decided to watch the 20th-anniversary special film for Harry Potter. After having been away from the fandom for a while, here is what it was like to return to Hogwarts.

The special included interviews and conversations from cast members to directors and producers, as well as behind-the-scenes footage. While the cast came together to reminisce, they explored the sets of Gringotts, Dumbledore’s Office, the Burrow, and more. They start at the very beginning of making the first film and we spend the next 100 minutes going through each one, reminiscing and cherishing different things that made the series of films what we know and love now.

The moment it started and the alumni returned to Hogwarts I just felt happy with a warm heart. Since I have been away from the Wizarding World for a couple of years, coming back was a magical reminder of how this world has grown far beyond the source and deeply impacted people. The series still has worth outside of Rowling and this special was a nice reminder of that.

Rowling is shown, but only snippets of a 2019 interview. She is not there with everyone else, and there are maybe 4 snippets in the whole thing. She isn’t important, and with the series and world having grown beyond her, we focus on the magic of what the films have done and not her at all.

Overall, it was pleasantly nostalgic and a lovely reminder of how the series has been inspiring and impactful. If you’ve ever been a fan of Harry Potter, you’ll find something to love about this special film.

Have you returned to Hogwarts? Let me know what you thought in a comment.


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