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Full Bloom Review


Full Bloom is a floral design competition where florists come together and compete by creating unique, beautiful, and grand floral arrangements. The first two seasons are up so I binged them and here are my thoughts!

The basics of the show are the contestants are given themes in solo challenges and larger-than-life group challenges until they are down to the final two. Season one does solos before the group, and the second season does the opposite which I think works better to really determine who to send home.

The show really jumps in right from the start which can be a bit jarring to some. From the get-go, the florists are in a challenge so we don’t get a chance to learn about everyone beforehand. But we do learn about everyone by the second episode so keep watching.

The first thing that got me hooked was the challenges. Each challenge is creative and unique, and the group ones have them do some giant undertakings that make my creative heart overjoyed. From recreating paintings to designing water floats to hanging sculptures, these challenges go above and beyond your average bouquet.

The second thing that got me was the wholesomeness and camaraderie. Yes, they are competing, but the contestants are so supportive of each other as well as the judges towards the florists. There are times when it’s a bit too informal for a competition with expert judges, but that doesn’t ruin the show at all. It’s only ever good vibes the majority of the time, otherwise, it’s the expected stress of a time-sensitive challenge. There is no over-the-top drama that taints many reality shows.

Other noteworthy favorite parts of the show are the pro tips where the judges give the viewers tips for taking care of their own flowers and that the flowers are always donated after the episode to a variety of different non-profits, people in need, or people deserving of the pick-me-up.

Overall, I really enjoyed Full Bloom and have already binged all the available episodes thus far. I even recommended it to people in my life which I rarely do, but I figured that they would enjoy the creative wholesomeness. I recommend Full Bloom if you are looking for a non-stressful competition that is more casual and lighthearted than others of its kind.

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