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Save One Drop One: K-Pop Songs


I see this concept as videos on YouTube and TikTok a lot, so I decided to adapt it for the blog! And for this first one, I had to go with K-Pop.

So what I did to get these pairs is put twenty of my favorite title tracks from my favorite groups into a randomizer that picks one at a time, going all the way through to match them up. And it worked out rather nicely (aka made it really hard for me to decide).

Black Mamba by aespa vs. Bonnie & Clyde by YUQI

Both of these are great and wowed me. But having to only pick one, I’m choosing to save Bonnie & Clyde. I blast it in the car and sing along all of the time.

Baby Don’t Stop by NCT vs. Tamed-Dashed by Enhypen

These songs are so different so it is really hard to choose. Ten and Taeyong are amazing and two of my favorite artists. But the song I play on repeat is Tamed-Dashed, so I’m saving it.


This pair right here hurts. Both are great songs, but LATATA has that little extra specialness that has me saving it. I’m sorry YESSIR! You’re still great I promise.

9 and Three Quarters (Run Away) by TxT vs. Criminal by Taemin

Let’s be honest, Taemin is the king of K-pop and deserves that crown. Criminal is an amazing song. But my heart chooses TxT this time around, so I’m saving 9 and Three Quarters.

Tiger Inside by SuperM vs. Maniac by Stray Kids

Saving Maniac by Stray Kids for this one. Even though Tiger Inside is a favorite of mine, especially of SuperM, Maniac I think is a better song.

I Can’t Stop Me by Twice vs. Revolution by AleXa

I Can’t Stop Me is iconic, but Revolution has a special place in my heart. Plus ICSM is not my favorite twice song so I don’t feel as bad for dropping it and saving Revolution.

Close Your Eyes by BZ-Boys vs. Kick It by NCT 127

I have nothing against noise music and find people complaining about it to be annoying. So this decision has nothing to do with that.

I’m saving Close Your Eyes over Kick It. While I enjoy Kick It, it’s not an unexpected song for NCT 127 and not my favorite NCT track either. Close Your Eyes is so special and BZ-Boys deserve more love. Plus the choreography for Close Your Eyes is so good!

Black Swan by BTS vs. Who U Are by Kang Daniel

Who U Are is the song that made me love Kang Daniel. But when up against BTS, let alone Black Swan, he was doomed to fail. Especially since the other choice is Black Swan, one of my absolute favorite BTS songs out of their whole discography. Of course I’m going to save Black Swan here.

Wonderland by ATEEZ vs. Love Killa by Monsta X

Wonderland is one of my favorite Ateez songs. But when up against Love Killa, which is from one of the best K-Pop albums ever in my opinion, it is an uphill battle. Also, Love Killa is a more unique sound as opposed to Wonderland. So I’m saving Love Killa.

Zombie by Purple Kiss vs. LA DI DA by Everglow

Another one that is really hard to choose between. Purple Kiss is one of my top groups, but so is Everglow. And every time LA DI DA comes on I get hyped and enjoy it. So I’m saving LA DI DA and its anime intro greatness.

Oof that was hard. Do you agree with my picks? What songs would you pick? Let me know with a comment!


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