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Field Trip: Marriage Can Be Murder


During my February trip to Las Vegas, I attended Marriage Can Be Murder, a comedy murder mystery show where the audience is in charge of solving the murders. We laughed, we crimed, and here is a recap of all the good times we had.

I definitely won’t spoil anything, but on the upside, they change up the show every few months so you could see it multiple times with different experiences. Even with the same ending the experience can change based on who all is in the audience. For example, the moment involving my brother would not have happened in any other show.

Not only do you get the show, but also dinner. It’s not the most exciting meal ever but comes with three courses, one being dessert. The best part of the whole thing is the show itself, with the actors doing a great job. Especially DD and the Officer who balance each other well. DD is the real highlight was her ability to make quick jokes and references that include the audience. There was a lot of laughter to be had thanks to her and her puns.

As for the mystery itself, not only were we privy to interrogations for information but there were also clues we could look at. Funny enough, the clues were not the most helpful for me but made so much more sense once we knew the answer. So were they useful, obviously. It just went past me somehow. And to make this even funnier: I won.

That’s right. I ended up crowned the super sleuth of the night and won. Somehow I beat my brother the murder mystery writer. But we did work together and the difference between our answers was one thing. So yeah I now have a plaque to prove I’m an excellent crime solver.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable time. It was a really funny show and that alone makes it worth attending. And you get fed, which is a bonus. You can also get pictures of your group and there are different ticket tiers with different extras like t-shirts. And hey maybe you’ll win your own super sleuth plaque.

Would you ever attend an interactive show? Tell me about it with a comment!


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