The Backlog Tag Revisited


Since I have been missing in action over the last couple of months, it seemed very fitting to revisit the backlog tag!

A Video Game in your backlog

The most infamous of backlogs has to be the video game backlog. I’m going to pick from the set of games I most recently got back in February, with the one that I have not played yet being Planet Zoo.

A Board Game in your backlog

I added this prompt to this version since I do have a few board games I have yet to get to the table. The first one that comes to mind is Happy Little Dinosaurs from Unstable Games. It’s even still in the shrinkwrap.

A Book in your backlog

I bought a couple of books at the start of the year and haven’t been able to read any of them yet. They were all part of my resolution to read at least four books recommended by BTS’ RM, and the one I meant to read first was Demian by Hermann Hesse.

A Movie in your backlog

Well if you remember how I made a resolution to watch every Disney and Miyazaki movie, then it should come as no surprise that my movie backlog is huge right now. And I have admittedly fallen behind on both goals.

A TV Show in your backlog

I am really not a TV show watcher, so it’s hard to say that one is in my backlog. The best I can think of would be The Legend of Korra since I watched and finished Avatar over the pandemic.

A Song or Album in your backlog

Yeah, I am squeezing K-Pop into here somehow. but with the vast amount of music coming out daily, it is inevitable to have a backlog to catch up on. I’ve even made a playlist called “Check Out” to put music I want to listen to but can’t at that moment so I don’t lose it. The most recent album I added to it was BAE173’s Intersection: Blaze.

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A Blog Post in your backlog

I have 75 drafts as of writing this, so there is a large backlog there. Most of it is K-Pop ideas, like more Save One Drop One posts. But there are also some tags and favorite things there. If I have to pick one I will choose the oldest I have which is “The Magical Personality Tag” from August 2019.

Want to do this tag? Here are the original prompts, and feel free to add your own!

  1. A Video Game in your backlog
  2. A Book in your backlog
  3. A Movie in your backlog
  4. A TV Show in your backlog
  5. A Blog Post in your backlog