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RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar Review


Start your engines and be the best drag queen in the mobile game RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar! I’ve played for a while and here is what I think of the drag-tacular gameplay.

The main objective of RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar is to progress through the mini and main challenges by acquiring resources from the various workstations and unlocking the ability to compete against other queens. You can level up your workstations so you earn more XP (or WERK as the game calls it) and automate the collection of XP. Besides this, there are events from daily and weekly runway challenges to special events focusing on a particular theme or real-life Drag Race contestant. These events give you unique rewards that can unlock more outfit pieces that are used throughout the game for the challenges.

Every challenge and the clothing items needed have specific themes so you can earn more points when you use items of those themes. While I like this mechanic and wouldn’t change it, I would make it so challenges had more variety with the chosen themes. I found that the game didn’t rotate through the themes very much and it is like they need more themes so they can have more unique combinations.

While I did play for quite a while and got decently far, my main complaint about the game is that you reach a point where it just isn’t possible to progress without either constant play or paying for resources, or sometimes both. So it becomes tedious and loses the enjoyment for me, which is actually the reason I stopped playing.


Overall if you’re a fan of Drag Race you’ll enjoy this game. It has a lot of extras and details, especially for fans, but even if you aren’t or are just casually interested in the franchise, it is a surprisingly robust game. It has some room for improvement, but there is plenty of good about it that if you’re interested I’d say give it a play.

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