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Save One Drop One: Mario Kart 8 Courses


With the recent release of the Booster DLC which adds new maps to the beloved racing game, I decided it would be fun to put all existing courses head to head in another edition of Save One Drop One!

For this, I have all 48 of the original maps that were released with the game, plus the first 8 new maps from the DLC. I have also randomized the pairings using Picker Wheel.

Baby Park vs. Excitebike Arena

I laughed when these got paired up because Excitebike is like adult Baby Park since they are both ovals. Of the two, Excitebike is the one I’ll save since it is more interesting and less frustrating than Baby Park.

Animal Crossing vs. Wild Woods

I’m saving Animal Crossing because I don’t tend to choose Wild Woods very often while playing. Plus I like Animal Crossing’s changing seasons on the course.

Mount Wario vs. Hyrule Circuit

I don’t necessarily hate Mount Wario, but there are parts I really dislike like the slalom since I can’t drift to save my life. So I’m saving Hyrule Circuit since it is less frustrating to play.

Paris Promenade vs. Piranha Plant Slide

I really like Paris Promenade and it’s one of my new favorite maps, so I have to save it.

Dolphin Shoals vs. Ninja Hideaway

Even though I am not good at it, Ninja Hideaway is a favorite of mine so I’m saving it. It’s just a really cool course with so many secret paths and alternate options.

Toad Harbor vs. Grumble Volcano

For this post, I made sure to play all the courses, and that is how I found that I greatly dislike Grumble Volcano. Having the course fall apart as you play just makes it frustrating. Plus, I am much more likely to casually choose Toad Harbor, so I’m saving it.

Cheep Cheep Beach vs. Electrodome

I aesthetically like Electrodome better than Cheep Cheep Beach and I find their courses comparable. So I’ll save Electrodome.

Wario’s Gold Mine vs. Shy Guy Falls

Shy Guy Falls is one of my go-to picks, so I’m definitely going to save it over Wario’s Gold Mine.

Ice Ice Outpost vs. Choco Mountain

I’m not a big fan of Ice Ice Outpost, so I’ll save Choco Mountain even though I don’t love it, but I do like it more.

Tick Tock Clock vs. Cheese Land

I really like Tick Tock Clock so I’ll save it over Cheese Land, which is a decent course just not one I enjoy as much as Tick Tock Clock.

Yoshi Circuit vs. Tokyo Blur

Tokyo Blur is another new course that has become a favorite of mine so even though I do like Yoshi Circuit, it’s not as high of a favorite as Tokyo Blur.

Sherbert Land vs. Wario Stadium

This was a hard choice, not because I love them, but because I’m very indifferent about them. I guess I’ll save Sherbet Land since it’s more unique, while Wario Stadium is not the only Wario-themed course nor the only stadium.

Moo Moo Meadows vs. Cloudtop Cruise

Moo Moo Meadows feels like a classic and it’s a good beginner map, so I’ll save it over Cloudtop Cruise.

Shroom Ridge vs. Mute City

There aren’t many courses I really dislike, but Shroom Ridge is one of them. I get so frustrated playing it so I’ll easily drop it for really any other map.

Coconut Mall vs. Yoshi Valley

Coconut Mall is fun, but I like Yoshi Valley more. I find Yoshi Valley more fun to play and it is another one of my go-to courses.

Twisted Mansion vs. Neo Bowser City

Neo Bowser City frustrates me so much. Between the rain and flying off the course because of it and no barriers to stop you, I do not enjoy it at all. So I’m saving Twisted Mansion.

Sweet Sweet Canyon vs. Toad Circuit

This one is similar to Sherbert Land vs. Wario Stadium, where I’m mostly indifferent. Sweet Sweet Canyon is the more unique one in this case since Toad has multiple courses and circuits are also frequent.

Big Blue vs. Toad’s Turnpike

I know the irony of this, but I’m saving Toad’s Turnpike. The traffic doesn’t bother me and even though it is similar to Shroom Ridge, it’s definitely less frustrating.

Thwomp Ruins vs. Dry Dry Desert

Thwomp Ruins is a go-to course choice for me, and I never gravitate towards Dry Dry Desert, so I’m saving the ruins.

Rainbow Road N64 vs. Rainbow Road MK8

MK8 Rainbow Road can burn in a fire I genuinely hate it. It is the most frustrating of the Rainbow Roads and isn’t fun at all in my opinion. And I find the N64 version is probably my favorite of the three. So N64 gets the save.

Super Bell Subway vs. Dragon Driftway

Dragon Driftway is such a cool map! Plus it is fun to play, while Super Bell Subway is alright. So I’m saving the driftway.

Mario Circuit vs. Water Park

Mario Circuit is another go-to, while Water Park is fine but not my first choice. So Mario wins this round.

Sky Garden vs. Donut Plains 3

Sky Garden is another course that frustrates me, while Donut Plains is one I’m indifferent about but have some nostalgia for when I had a SNES for two seconds as a kid. So nostalgia wins the save for Donut Plains.

Bowser’s Castle vs. DK Jungle

This one is a 50/50 for me since they are at about an equal level of enjoyment for me. So I’m having to go aesthetically, which means I’m saving BD Jungle.

Rainbow Road SNES vs. Music Park

I actually like the SNES Rainbow Road, but Music Park is such a charming course so I’m saving it.

Mario Circuit (GBA) vs. Bone-Dry Dunes

Again with a go-to, Mario Circuit originally from the Gameboy is my save over Bone-Dry Dunes which I’m indifferent about.

Mario Kart Stadium vs. Sunshine Airport

Mario Kart Stadium is a classic, and Sunshine Airport can get me annoyed pretty easily, so I’m saving the Stadium this round.

Royal Raceway vs. Ribbon Road

I’m 50/50 on this one because I like both maps. I think I choose the Royal Raceway more often than Ribbon Road, so I’ll save that one.

What is your favorite course in Mario Kart? Let me know with a comment!

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