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Save One Drop One: Same Title Edition


Song titles are often used numerous times across different artists and genres, and K-Pop is no different. Because of this, I decided that this concept could make an interesting save one drop one, so here we are!

Monster by EXO vs. Monster by Irene & Seulgi

When I hear “monster” and “k-pop” my mind immediately goes to Irene and Seulgi’s version, so I’m saving their Monster.

Tattoo by The Boyz vs. Tattoo by AleXa

While I like AleXa’s version, it is not my favorite song from her. And The Boyz’s version is one of my favorites from them, so I’m saving The Boyz’s Tattoo.

Flash by Kang Daniel vs. Flash by X1

Of these two, the first that comes to mind is X1’s. I can’t even remember Kang Daniel’s all that well since I prefer other songs of his, so I’ll save X1’s here.

Now or Never by Monsta X vs. Now or Never by SF9

Monsta X’s is fine and was a good debut for them, but I like their more recent music better. And in terms of my personal taste in music, SF9’s is much closer to what I like to listen to. So I’ll save SF9’s Now or Never.

YESSIR by 3YE vs. YESSIR by BZ-Boys

This one is honestly a hard choice because both of these groups deserve more love than they get, especially BZ-Boys. But focusing on just the songs, I prefer 3YE’s YESSIR so I’m saving it.

Trigger by Craxy vs. Trigger by VERIVERY

I am a sucker for the badass concept with girl groups, and that is what Craxy’s Trigger is to a T. And VERIVERY’s is the boy group version of the same concept. In general, I prefer boy groups and I do think VERIVERY’s is a better track, so I’m saving the boys this time.

After Midnight by Astro vs. After Midnight by WayV

After Midnight by WayV is one of my all-time favorite songs, so of course, I am saving it. Astro’s is good as well, I just really love WayV’s.

Drip by SuperM vs. Drip by Hinapia

It feels like a huge disservice to Hinapia to drop their only song, and I do think it is better than SuperM’s even though I also like their version. But I have to save Hinapia’s Drip.

Queen by 3YE vs. Queen by Twice

I love 3YE and want them to get so much more love, but Queen is not my favorite song of theirs and I do like Twice’s Queen more so I am saving it.

Addicted by Monsta X vs. Addicted by Pixy

Sultry versus spooky essentially. And I like both songs but I am more inclined to listen to Monsta X’s version more frequently. Also, Pixy’s is just more of the same for them, but Monsta X has a more diverse discography so Addicted feels more special. So I’m saving Monsta X’s.

Easy by WJSN The Black vs. Easy by Stray Kids

Both are good songs, but Stray Kids’ version is one of my top favorites of theirs and I am a solid Stray Kids fan as opposed to being a very casual listener of WJSN. So Stray Kids’ Easy is my save.

Tomboy by Kiara vs. Tomboy by (G)I-DLE

I like both, but (G)I-DLE’s is better and more unique, so I’m saving (G)I-DLE’s Tomboy.

Let Me Know by Pixy vs. Let Me Know by BTS

Older BTS is not my favorite admittedly. And Pixy’s Let Me Know isn’t my favorite of theirs either. So it is a little bit of a toss-up for me, and I ultimately choose BTS’ since they are my number one group.

Stay by Cravity vs. Stay by Ateez

I don’t think either song is the most well-known for either group, especially for me. When I think of these groups, Stay doesn’t come to mind. And comparing the two, I enjoy Ateez’s more since it is a little more upbeat and fun. So saving Ateez here.

Ice Cream by TXT vs. Ice Cream by Blackpink

Saving TXT’s and burn the Blackpink version till it is ashes. I rarely say I hate something unless I truly hate it. And I HATE Ice Cream by Blackpink.

Well, that was a bit of a dramatic end. Do you know of any other same title songs? Share them with a comment!


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