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Favorite K-Pop Albums


I’ve been sitting on this post topic for a while so I figured there is no time like the present to finally do it. So I am sharing my favorite albums across all of K-Pop!

In Life by Stray Kids

Out of all of Stray Kids’ albums, In Life is easily my favorite. And not just musically, but also aesthetically with the photobook concept and the album design as a whole. And the music is great of course, and I’d honestly recommend all the songs on it which is rare. You can read more of my thoughts on the album in my review of it.

Wings by BTS

I almost put You Never Walk Alone instead of Wings since it is the repackage of Wings with two additional and iconic songs, but I just absolutely adore the aesthetic of Wings from top to bottom. Wings is the inspiration for how I am designing my office and is featured in other designs in my house, so my adoration for this album in particular knows no bounds. The music is all amazing with some underrated gems and the concept, photos, and artwork are just perfection to me.

−77.82X−78.29 by Everglow

Another album where I recommend it from top to bottom is −77.82X−78.29. It has what I consider Everglow’s best title track to date, is aesthetically really cool, and has earned a spot as one of the few girl group albums I physically own.

Fatal Love by Monsta X

I have said it before and will continue to say it: Fatal Love is the best album of 2020. Top to bottom the music is amazing, and the aesthetics are so perfect for the concept. I 1000% recommend Fatal Love if you want to give Monsta X a listen.

Border: Carnival by Enhypen

Enhypen only makes good music honestly, but I think Border: Carnival is their best album thus far. It has not one but two viral songs, and every song is amazing. The three versions all have strong concepts as well.

Triangle by 3YE

Firstly, let’s talk about the fact that Triangle is an actual triangle. That’s so unique and makes the album feel special which I love. And musically I greatly enjoy every song. I’m pretty sure this is the first girl group album I ever purchased and it still stands proud in my collection.

minisode1: Blue Hour by TxT

Many love Blue Hour for the titular track, but I love Blue Hour for the b-sides. Overall all of the music is great and highlights TxT’s talent well. I still need to get the physical album into my collection, but I’m eager to do so because I do enjoy it a lot.

Love Yourself: Answer by BTS

The Love Yourself trilogy is all amazing, but I choose Answer specifically because it is the culmination of it all. It has all of the music from the first two plus new music and the album itself is so pretty. I’d recommend this album to new listeners since it is diverse, highlights each member with solos and subunits, and is beautifully developed with the musical progression.

What K-pop albums are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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