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Rewind Review: How To Be A Human Being


I’ve been going back and listening to some of the music I loved in my college years that I have reviewed. So I’m bringing those reviews back and sharing some of my favorite music from the 2010s, starting with How To Be A Human Being by Glass Animals

Glass Animals is an English indie rock band that formed in 2010. Their debut album, Zaba, was released in June of 2014, and their second album, How To Be A Human Being, was originally released in 2016.

Instinctually, I compared it to their early album Zaba, which I really enjoyed. And certainly, their quirky electronic sound moved over for How To Be A Human Being. But the new album certainly holds its own and has its own harmonic vibe.

Life Itself was the first single to release, and it definitely stood out from the older music because of its upbeat tempo and energy. I can’t help but move to the song when it’s on. Other highlight songs for me are Pork Soda, Youth, and Poplar St. They add variety while staying with the overall mood and vibe of the album. The album as a whole is very cohesive with its sound and feel.

One song that I am OBSESSED with is Agnes. It’s the last track on the regular album and rounds out the whole album, as well as being a strong song on its own. It’s a slower song that brings back the chill vibe I loved from the first album but is still united with this album as a whole.

What new album has caught your attention? Let me know with a comment.

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