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Save One Drop One: Same Title Edition 2


I am back with more same title K-Pop songs and putting them head to head to decide which to save and which to drop.

Wannabe by Itzy vs. Wannabe by Golden Child

Saving Golden Child’s. I got really tired of Itzy’s really quickly and never listen to it by choice anymore, while I still really like Golden Child’s.

Stay by BTS vs. Stay by Blackpink

BTS will stay this round. When I was more of a Blackpink fan, I still didn’t like their Stay very much. So BTS wins for me.

Jungle by BVNDIT vs. Jungle by CIX

Both are great for different reasons, so having to choose one is hard. But that is the name of the game, so I’ll save CIX’s Jungle because it has a smidge more uniqueness to it comparatively.

Gotta Go by Soyou vs. Gotta Go by Chung Ha

This choice ended up being which of the two came to mind first, and that was Soyou’s version. So Soyou gets the save this time.

Fever by GFRIEND vs. Fever by Enhypen

I enjoy both, but I’ll save Enhypen’s because it is more unique and iconic. It is easily Enhypen’s best b-side.

Zombie by Purple Kiss vs. Zombie by Day6

I am saving Purple Kiss here. I love their Zombie and enjoy it when it comes on. I don’t even have Day6’s on a playlist and only listened to it recently.

Villain by Drippin vs. Villain by AleXa

I’m actually going to choose to save Drippin’s Villain. I love AleXa, but I find Villain one of her weakest songs. And Drippin’s is more fun to listen to.

Wave by Ateez vs. Wave by CIX

This one was hard because I didn’t feel strongly about either of them. I’m choosing to save Ateez’s because it is a little more memorable for me.

Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet vs. Dumb Dumb by Somi

Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb is, in my opinion, an overall better song than Somi’s. Somi’s best part is the choreography being so recognizable. For Red Velvet, all of it is great. So saving Red Velvet’s.

Loca by Favorite vs. Loca by TRI.BE

I really like TRI.BE, but Loca isn’t my favorite of theirs. Favorite’s Loca I’ve listened to a lot more and enjoy more, so I’m saving that one.

Deja Vu by Ateez vs. Deja Vu by NCT Dream

I’m saving NCT Dream’s because it is one of my favorite songs of theirs, while Ateez’s Deja Vu is not. It’s good, just not a favorite.

Breathe by AB6IX vs. Breathe by Golden Child

This is another one that I don’t feel very strongly about either way. I am choosing to save AB6IX’s because it is closer to the type of songs I really enjoy.

Paradise by EXO vs. Paradise by Eric Nam

Eric Nam’s is such a fun vibe and maybe because we’re entering summer and that is the energy I want right now, I’m saving his.

Run by Luminous vs. Run by GreatGuys

I went back and forth on this one, because my enjoyment of them is about equal. I enjoy the vibe and beat of Luminous’, but I do think GreatGuys’ is a more complex track musically. So GreatGuys’ win this round.

Butterfly by Loona vs. Butterfly by BTS

This is hard, but much to the probable surprise of everyone, I am choosing Loona’s. I adore BTS of course, but Butterfly is not a song that I stick to or listen to very much. Loona’s Butterfly is a core song to who the group is.

Do you know of any other same title songs? Share them with a comment!

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