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K-Pop Songs to Celebrate the Start of Summer


Summer officially starts tomorrow! To celebrate the sunniest season, here are some K-pop songs to get you into summertime vibes.

Drive by Miyeon

When I am looking for a summertime song, I want something fun and light. And Drive fits that criteria perfectly. I can picture this song playing during a summertime road trip, windows down as you drive where the journey is more fun then the destination.

오늘 조금 취해서 그래 (Abittipsy) by Youha

Abittipsy is a little more of a party song than the previous, but it still has the fun lightness that screams a summer song.

Go Big or Go Home by Enhypen

Go Big or Go Home always puts me in a good mood. It’s a dance track that brings party energy to your summer days, really highlighting the fun to be had in the warm weather. It would be great at a pool party.

The View by Stray Kids

The View is one of my favorite songs. Someone described the energy of the song as that of riding a bike along the beach, and that is so fitting. This is for sure a carefree beach day song.

Bon voyage by YooA

Bon voyage is a more chill song and has that relaxing in nature on vacation vibe. I can picture relaxing in a hammock with this song playing, enjoying nature from your perch. There is also a touch of adventure behind it that makes you want to explore.

Our Summer by TomorrowXTogether

This song is the soundtrack for a fun and carefree summer. The title says it all! It is Our Summer so let’s enjoy it.

D.D.D. by The Boyz

Let’s bring back some energy to our summer with D.D.D. It’s a fun party song that will get you up and moving, truly celebrating the fun of summer.

What songs give you summertime vibes? Share them in the comments!

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