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Spotlight On: Drags 2 Riches


Drags 2 Riches is a two-to-five-player deckbuilding game that brings the artistry of drag right to your table. You will build your wardrobe to slay the competition with your perfectly coordinated looks and overall fierceness.  

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With a mix of deckbuilding and push-your-luck, Drags 2 Riches has players become drag queens with unique abilities and styles. You’ll collect items to build up your wardrobe, including costumes, wigs, accessories, and makeup, and will secretly assemble the best looks to try and win prestige points at events like club nights, solo shows, and balls. The queen with the most prestige at the end of the game is the champion.

Each round of play is started with an event selection so you know what to get ready for. During your turn, you can play cards to complete actions or place look cards face down to build your outfit for the event. Following that is shopping the market for new items to get even better looks for upcoming events.

Now for the main event! At the end of the round, all players that have created looks for the event will reveal their fashion to the crowd. The queen with the highest value look wins the event and gets that player one step closer to winning it all.

The game is for two to five players and plays within thirty to forty-five minutes, which makes it a great game to play with both gamers and drag fans. And drag queens helped in development so you are sure to have an authentic experience.

Drags 2 Riches is currently on Kickstarter with only a few days left on the campaign. So if you want to live your drag fantasy with your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, make sure to support Drags 2 Riches before it is too late.

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