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K-Pop B-Sides That Could Have Been Title Tracks


There are great hidden gems in the b-sides for K-pop artists, and sometimes some of those gems could have been the crown jewel known as the title track. So I am sharing some songs that I think could have led a comeback but didn’t.

Fever by Enhypen

This one is a bit obvious seeing how popular Fever is especially compared to that same album’s title track Drunk-Dazed. And in other lists similar to this one, Fever is always mentioned. And it really could be its own title track.

Trigger by Craxy

I honestly think that Trigger should have been their title track for this particular comeback. Not only is the song better, but even their performance video for it was better than the music video for the actual title track.

Domino by Stray Kids

Domino is such a strong song that is so clearly a Stray Kids track, which is why it could have easily been a title track for them. I even like it more than the actual title track of this album.

Action Figure by WayV

WayV, being part of NCT, always chooses the more experimental song as their title track. And that sometimes means they don’t choose the best song in the album. And I think that is the case with this album where Kick Back was the chosen title track. Kick Back is forgettable in my opinion and Action Figure is arguably a better song overall.

Bad Dream by Cix

I’d argue that Bad Dream is overall a better song than Wave as well as more interesting. And I think it better represents Cix and their overall concept and discography. While I am a fan of groups going outside their norm from time to time, I just find Wave boring. And Bad Dream could have given us some interesting aesthetics and visuals.

MVSK by Kep1er

I always thought that MVSK was better than WA DA DA, but it became even more apparent with how quickly I go tired of WA DA DA. I’m honestly sick of it, but I haven’t gotten tired of MVSK at all. Plus, WA DA DA is predictable for a debut, while MVSK would have been unique. Also, they all sound so much better vocally in MVSK.

What b-sides do you think could have been title tracks? Let me know in a comment below!

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5 replies on “K-Pop B-Sides That Could Have Been Title Tracks”

i really love the last two and actually i didn’t even listen to wadada all the way through so i def agree with you on that song.
for me i kind of wish galaxy by nuest was their title track. it was so good and fun and i wish their last album had a fun title track instead of a sad sounding one lol

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