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First Look: BTS Island In the SEOM


BTS is back with a new mobile game and this time we join them on a deserted island. By playing matching games, you help them out both on the island and to get them back home in BTS Island In the SEOM.

The premise is as simple as BTS is going on vacation and they get shipwrecked on a deserted island. They have to find food, build shelter, and try to get home with your help. And your help comes in the form of collecting stars, which energizes the members to complete missions.

To collect stars, you play matching games with different objectives that need to be completed in order to pass. The difficulty does increase as you go and new features get added like portals and gravity. But you do get powerups to help you out, both ones you’d have to earn from achievements as well as ones you can form by doing specific moves within the puzzle. Everything is explained as you go so it is easy to learn.

The premise doesn’t sound cute, but this game is incredibly cute. The BTS members are in chibi form and their interactions with each other are very wholesome. They all have unique personalities that are fitting and decided on by each of the members. You can tap on them to get fun quotes and put them together to get small scenes. You can also customize them by earning different clothing options like their Butter music video outfits. You can also customize the island with decor items. But my favorite member moments are in the plot scenes because they say some funny things and also make many references that fans will get, which is fun.

The game is brand new, so there is sure to be much more added along the way. But even as it is now, it is very casual, wholesome, and enjoyable. You don’t need to be a BTS fan to enjoy it, but all of the references will be lost if you aren’t. With the gameplay really only being the matching puzzles, the most enjoyment, in my opinion, is going to be from understanding the references and jokes related to BTS.

Do you play any matching games? Share your favorites in a comment.

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