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Quick Takes: June K-Pop Debuts and Comebacks


June is over so I’m giving my quick takes on all of the debuts and comebacks we got from K-Pop this month, including BTS, aespa, Kard, and more!

I’m only sharing the debuts and comebacks I actually paid attention to and not every single one that happened in the month. So if a favorite artist of yours isn’t in here, tell me about them in a comment and I’ll check them out!


Hit Ya! by Lapillus

I hate comparing groups, but it is really hard to not see the aespa influence in this video concept. Music-wise, it is a decent song. I like how they went with something more girl crush while in the summer where all we get is happy concepts usually. It is interesting they had a dance break instead of a second verse, and I’m not sure it works super well for them because as a group they don’t seem like the strongest of dancers. I found their vocals much stronger and think they should have highlighted that more.

POP! by Nayeon (Twice)

I’m not at all surprised that Nayeon would have a strong solo debut. This fun and flirty concept works really well for her. Overall I really like it.


Trouble? Travel! by Adora

I don’t have much of an opinion on this honestly. It’s fine, just not really what I enjoy the most. It leans a little too cutesy for me personally.

Vivid by Cravity

I’m used to Cravity’s hard-hitting songs, but it is nice to have a dance track from them. It helps that it is a solid song that is easy to listen to and enjoy. It’s fun without going too far into the summer song vibe, which I like.

Stupid O’clock by Victon

The chorus is what really sells the song in my opinion. It just sets the vibe so perfectly. I honestly ignored the video for the most part and just enjoyed the song, which is quite the sign of a stong track.

Circus by Stray Kids

I enjoy Circus and how they incorporated familiar sounds and visuals into the song and video. It isn’t my favorite Stray Kids song, but I have listened to it quite a bit since it was released.

POP by bugAboo

I like parts of the song, but not the whole thing. It leans too close to sounding like two songs were spliced together. The video is the same where it inserts some scenes that make no sense for the song. So it comes across as scattered and a little messy honestly.

Yet To Come by BTS

Right after watching and listening to this for the first time, all I could think about was how it felt like a “goodbye” song. And it clearly isn’t based on the lyrics, but it just has the sound and vibe of saying goodbye. It was hard to get passed that for me, so while the song is solid, it was a little hard to enjoy.

And then they announced how they are going to do more solo work before returning as a group, so in a way, it was a kind of goodbye. More of a see you later. So the song succeeds in doing that, I must say.

Crazy by Wonho

I haven’t disliked a Wonho song, and I’m not starting now either. He definitely has a certain style he is strongest at, but they do try some different things to make each comeback unique.

Zero by Drippin

The song is good, but not the most unique. I probably wouldn’t remember who did it if I ever heard it come on randomly because a lot of groups could have. I preffered their previous comeback, but that doesn’t mean this one isn’t good. Just not their best in my opinion.

Blue Sky by BDC

I’ve said before in a quick takes that I’m not a big fan of ballads, and that is still the case. I will say that they vocally sound very strong and overall this was a pleasant listen. I actually think that them using this song for their comeback was a good choice.

Up! by Kep1er

Not gonna lie, I was mainly waiting to see how many lines they gave Bahiyyih. I don’t usually put too much focus on line division, but after the ridiculousness that was Wa Da Da’s line sitribution, I was curious. So I am glad they gave her more lines.

Now on to the song. I was concerned I would hate this based on the visuals leaning too cute for me. But actually that wasn’t the case to me pleasant surprise. I actually enjoyed both the song and the video. It all fit together and in my opinion, Up! is definitely better than Wa Da Da.

Villain by Pixy

This might be my favorite Pixy track. They sound and look amazing, and the music is interesting and standout. Honestly I am surprised and impressed.

Louder by TAN

It’s fun and enjoyable. The post chorus sounds familiar and also doesn’t really fit the rest of the song but they blended it all together well. Now why people are partying in the world of Wall-E, I have no idea. Nor do I understand why they have a scene of them shritless in water. Music videos are strange sometimes, which is why I try not to let them change my opinion of the song too much.

Ring The Alarm by Kard

The long awaited return of Kard has come! This reminds me of pre-Gunshot Kard, which isn’t a bad thing. But after such a long break between comebacks, I wanted something with more punch. It’s enjoyable, but I wanted more.

Life’s Too Short by aespa

This song feels too young for me. It feels very targetted for teenagers, especially the video. Which is fine, it just isn’t for me. It also doesn’t feel like an aespa song. But it does highlight their vocals nicely.

W.A.T.1 by MCND

I’m so used to them doing strong and intense songs that this is a pleasant surprise. It might be my favorite MCND song since it is such an enjoyable listen. We’ll have to see what they bring in July with their official comeback, but I like what I see with this song.

Mascara by XG

I enjoy it, but not as much as Tippy Toes. I think their vocalists are incredibly strong, but we don’t get enough of them in this song in my opinion. They has som really great voices that I wish got highlighted a little more. Now I have to say I am nitpicking, because this is a very strong comeback and one of the strongest of all. But it’s the take I have from first listen.

What new music have you been enjoying this month, K-pop or not? Tell me about it with a comment!

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i agree with the kep1er song i really didn’t like wadada.
have you listened to loona’s new song? i happened to see both around the same time of day and i ended up liking loona’s more, but they both give me a similar feel.

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