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How To Find Hidden Mickeys


Mickey is the head mouse in charge of everything Disney, and you can find him hidden around all of the theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, and more just waiting for your observant spotting. And here are some tips to become the best Hidden Mickey hunter.

Know What To Look For

I know what you’re thinking. “What do you mean ‘know what to look for’?! We’re looking for Mickey!” and that is true, but there are different kinds of Mickeys to spot. The most common one is the three-circle silhouette. But you can also find full-body Mickeys in the parks, cleverly blended into the surroundings. An infamous one is Steamboat Willie Mickey made of rocks at the exit of The Little Mermaid attraction in Walt Disney World. Full-body Mickeys are very rare. Another Mickey you can find is a side profile of the famous mouse.

It’s Called Hidden For A Reason

That very obvious Mickey silhouette on a trash can doesn’t count, much like a Mickey ice cream bar doesn’t. The Mickeys you want are blended into surroundings and logically made in scenes. Think three plates in the Haunted Mansion ballroom or three barrels in Pirates of the Caribbean. Even if a Mickey is in an eye-catching place, it is not at the forefront of what you’re looking at.

Big or Small, They Have Them All

You will find big and small Mickeys all around, so don’t expect all hidden Mickeys to be the same size. There are some tiny hidden Mickeys around so keep your eyes peeled for them. And some are quite large but you can still miss them if you’re not paying attention.

Think Like An Imagineer

Most hidden Mickeys nowadays are created by the Imagineers, or the masterminds behind all things Disney. So if you take a moment to try and think like them and where they would put these easter eggs. It can be simple with how a carousel horse is painted or more complicated like the Steamboat Willie in rocks I mentioned.

Some Hidden Mickeys To Look For

There are hundreds if not thousands of hidden Mickeys across all of the resorts in the world. Here are just a few that you can keep in mind when exploring.

Haunted Mansion Plates

I like this Mickey because it moves around. Cast members will rearrange the table setting in the ballroom so the trio of plates that make the mouse will change positions in that scene. This is the case for both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Gears

You can find a huge Mickey made out of gears at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. There are other hidden Mickeys on the thrill ride you should also look out for. This is the case for both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.

Tower of Terror Drop

At the doors to the final drop, you can find Mickey in a swirl of stars. You can also see a plush version of the mouse being held by the little girl.

Have you found any Mickeys hiding around your Disney vacation? Share them with a comment.

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