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Favorite Boy Group B-Sides


Everyone knows about title tracks, but what about b-sides? I’m continuing to share some of my favorites and this time I’m focusing on the boy groups.

Love Me Now by NCT 127

NCT 127 are known for their experimental and technology-influenced music which can be polarizing. But for anyone that hasn’t necessarily loved their title tracks, I suggest they check out their b-sides because they have some great music that people miss because they don’t like the title tracks. My favorite example of this is Love Me Now which is one of my favorite NCT songs across all subunits. I enjoy their concept overall, but the dichotomy of Love Me Now from the title track of that same album, Kick It, is such a pleasant standout.

Charmer by Stray Kids

Charmer quickly became my favorite song from Oddinary. It fits with Stray Kids’ overall sound with a touch of something special to make it stand out. I think it is the best b-side on the album honestly.

Go Big or Go Home by Enhypen

Go Big or Go Home always puts me in a good mood and could have been a fun title track if it wasn’t a b-side. It is nice to have the fun and upbeat track when title tracks lean intense like Enhypen’s do.

Body Rhythm by SHINee

I actually discovered this song recently and I’ve quickly become obsessed with it. I don’t listen to SHINee very much and I wasn’t a fan of the title track from this album, Don’t Call Me. But when I heard Body Rhythm I immediately loved it.

Move My Body by Cix

So I enjoy the whole album that Move My Body is on. Move My Body is a strong song that could have been a title track honestly. I enjoy how the chorus doesn’t break down how I think would be expected given the build-up. Keeps it fresh and surprising.

Night View by Monsta X

I’ve said before that the entire album Fatal Love is amazing and I could have chosen many b-sides from it to be favorites. I already mentioned Gasoline in the original favorite b-sides post. And then I was re-listening to the album recently and I was reminded that I really enjoy Night View as well. It’s the first song on the album that changes it up and is such a pleasant listen.

I Can’t Stand the Rain by SuperM

This will sound strange, but I don’t know if I can explain why I enjoy I Can’t Stand The Rain so much. I think it stands out because it is so different from the rest of SuperM’s music. It has such an intriguing start with the drums that pulls you in and I’ve been pulled in ever since.

Magic by TxT

I will happily argue that Magic is one of the best English-only songs to come from K-Pop. It also became one of my favorite TXT songs in the process as well. It’s just a fun, uplifting song.

After Midnight by WayV

I am surprised I did not include After Midnight on my original favorite b-sides list because I truly adore this song. It is one of my favorite K-Pop songs and feels like a hidden gem of WayV’s discography.

Heartbeat by BTS

Heartbeat is a hidden gem of BTS in my opinion because not only is it a b-side, but it is a b-side on their mobile game OST that most newer fans probably don’t know exists or what it is. I even forgot about it for a while once getting into BTS more, which is a shame because it is such a beautiful song. But then it came back on my radar and I remembered how much I enjoy it and how it is a favorite of mine.

What are your favorite b-sides from boy groups? Share them in the comments!

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