7 Years of Blogging + Blaugust


On July 31, 2015, I launched a blog to talk about things I love and enjoy after leaving a massively impactful hobby. And seven years later, we’re still here. And we’re starting off this year with a challenge.

Today is officially the first day of my seventh year, and I don’t necessarily have any words or big plans to announce. But it felt like a milestone worth mentioning. If the blog was a Hogwarts student, it would be in its last year. But I certainly don’t plan for this to be the last year.

So to kick off this new year, I’m formally joining in for Blaugust! Blaugust is an event created by Tales of the Aggronaut that is held annually during the month of August. The challenge is to post a blog post every day in the month of August. Since my posting has been a little rough this year thus far, I decided to jumpstart some consistency with this challenge.

If you are also a blogger and want to learn more about Blaugust, check out this year’s introductory post for all of the details. beyond the basics, there are also fun additional challenges that are optional but can help with any writer’s block or brainstorming you need. There is also a Discord community where you can connect with other bloggers, share your posts, and bounce off ideas. And it isn’t too late to join! Just fill out the sign-up form and start posting.

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