Popular TV Shows I Couldn’t Finish


While there are shows that are widely loved, they aren’t for anyone. And here are shows that have garnered many fans but just weren’t for me.

As Told By Ginger

This was the show that inspired this post actually because I was re-watching it recently and I made it almost all of the way. But I stopped with three or so episodes left because the characters had become insufferable. No one had any redeeming qualities, including Ginger, and I think the show should have ended with their middle school graduation.

Game of Thrones

I didn’t have much interest in Game of Thrones from the start, but I had a coworker at the time who really loved it and recommended it. So I gave it a try but didn’t get beyond the second episode of the first season. The sexual violence is too much for me and since I know the series finale is widely despised, I have zero desire to try again.


I decided to try and watch Friends after I finished How I Met Your Mother since they have a slightly similar premise of a sitcom about a group of friends. And I think I remember getting through the first ten episodes at most. But I stopped because I didn’t find it entertaining at all. It’s not funny to me and the characters weren’t likable enough for me to get invested.


I think I got halfway through Firefly. And I didn’t stop for a specific reason or because I disliked the show. I just never picked it up again, lacking interest in doing so. I might try again at some point since it is only one season plus the movie.

Orange is the New Black

I genuinely enjoyed Orange is the New Black and would have finished it if it wasn’t for Netflix waiting a year between seasons. Maybe If I started watching earlier I wouldn’t have been as affected, but I binged the first three seasons quickly and then lost interest because of the large gap.

Pretty Little Liars

I watched most of the first season but I was a busy high schooler so keeping up with the show wasn’t for me. At some point, I looked up who A was and considered myself satisfied. And the show kept going, having more A’s and getting wild based on the recaps I have watched, so I’m glad I bowed out while it was still decent.

What shows have you been unable to finish? Let me know with a comment below!

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