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Save One Drop One: Same Title Edition 3


You would be amazed at how many same title songs exist in K-Pop. Hundreds and hundreds of songs, and I’m back here with a few more to save or drop.

Run Away by TXT vs. Runaway Pentagon

I enjoy both songs, but TxT’s version is one of my favorite K-Pop songs overall so I have to choose that one to save.

I Love You by EXID vs. I Love You by Treasure

This was my first time listening to all of Exid’s I Love You and maybe because it is early in the morning as I’m writing this but it was kind of grating. Plus the video is just chaotic. So I’m saving Treasure’s version this time because it’s an easier listen, even though I laugh every time they say “let’s make love” because I don’t think they know what that means.

Rollin’ by Brave Girls vs. Rollin’ by Twice

Like with Exid above, this was my first time listening to Twice’s Rollin. And it is an okay b-side for them, but I didn’t love it and I’m not adding it to my playlist. So the save goes to Brave Girls this time around.

Say My Name by ATEEZ vs. Say My Name by ANS

ANS’ Say My Name has its flaws, but I enjoy it more than Ateez’s. Not to say Ateez’s is bad, but I prefer their other songs a lot more than Say My Name. So ANS is saved this time.

Power by EXO vs. Power by B.A.P

I enjoy both of these songs, but EXO’s is addictive and I always enjoy listening to it when it comes on. B.A.P. I need to be in the mood for, so I’m saving EXO’s Power.

Fever by ATEEZ vs. Fever by DKZ

These songs are so different from one another so choosing one is hard. I enjoy both for different reasons but since I have to choose one to save, I’m picking Ateez’s Fever because it is a solid song that adds diversity to their discography.

Danger by BTS vs. Danger by Taemin

I find it interesting that both of these songs came out the same year. Both are enjoyable, but I don’t think Taemin’s really highlights his vocal ability and he has much better songs than this. I can say similar things with BTS’, but I find that their song is a better song comparatively and it does show off the rap talent they have well.

Really Really by Winner vs. Really Really by Cherry Bullet

The winner is the Winner this round, and no I didn’t pick them just to say that. I genuinely enjoy their song better and I’ve expressed on the blog before that I don’t love cute concepts.

Savage by aespa vs. Savage by A.C.E.

I’m easily saving A.C.E.’s version. aespa’s version is a little too messy for me even though I do like it. But I think A.C.E.’s is a better composed song.

So What by BTS vs. So What by Loona

I do like Loona’s So What, but sometimes it can be a bit tiring to listen to while BTS’ I enjoy more frequently. So I’m saving BTS this time.

Sorry that this video made the bass extreme but it was the best I could find.

Whiplash by NCT 127 vs. Whiplash by The Boyz

Every time I hear NCT’s Whiplash, I think about how Taeyong tried to explain how his sister being harsh or something inspired it and I greatly wish that that didn’t exist. So for Taeyong’s sake, I want to drop NCT’s to drop that story. The Boyz’s version is fine, but it is less about saving them as it is dropping NCT’s.

Nonstop by Oh My Girl vs. Nonstop by NCT 127

Oh My Girl’s Nonstop is more known and iconic and I do enjoy it, especially the chorus. NCT’s is fine, just not very memorable in my opinion. So I am saving Oh My Girl’s.

Home by BTS vs. Home by Seventeen

BTS’ Home is such a comfort song and I enjoy it a lot. It’s also the first song I played in my house after I bought it (yeah I’m that kind of nerd). So Seventeen was really fighting a juggernaut for me with this. And I do like Seventeen’s Home, just not as much as I like BTS’. So BTS wins the save.

Venom by Stray Kids vs. Venom by BVNDIT

I really like both of these songs and it is actually a really hard choice to make. I’m going to save Stray Kids’ because it is more unique and is a favorite of mine in their discography. I enjoy BVNDIT’s, but it isn’t as unique and I don’t enjoy it as much as other songs in their discography.

Do you know of any other same title songs? Share them with a comment!

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