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Revisiting My Lowest Rated K-Pop Songs


I have listened to so much K-Pop since getting into it, and have shared my thoughts on over 300 songs through my quick takes. And while there have been many hits, there have been some misses. But maybe with time, my feelings have changed. Let’s find out!

I got inspired to do this from a similar post done by Nick at The Bias List. For my list, I am pulling songs from my quick takes that are ranked two hearts and lower. I was a little surprised that I had this many ranked lowly. Also, as an FYI, these are in no particular order. Anyway, let’s find out if any of the rankings have changed.

Pop by bugaboo (2 hearts)

After a relisten, I can say it isn’t as bad as I thought it was. I still really don’t like the refrain, but the rest of the song is okay. I would say it is now three hearts instead of two.

O.O Nmixx (2 hearts)

I still hate how this is basically two songs shoved together for no good reason. If they took out the whole poofy dresses and fantasy bit, I’d be less averse to the song. It is still chaotic, but after another watch and listen I don’t think they are actually trying to rival aespa. So I guess I will upgrade them to three hearts instead of two, mostly because at least they debuted with O.O instead of Tank which I absolutely loathe.

GingaMingaYo by Billie (2 hearts)

Since my first listen, I’ve seen some of their performances of this song. And I still find it weird, but it helps when we take the song out of the video since my biggest issue with the comeback was the video. I do think the song has many good parts. I don’t like the chorus and find it annoying. I will say the song is closer to four hearts than two, but I’m hesitant to upgrade it that high since I dislike the chorus so much. So I’ll safely say three hearts.

Dance With God by Craxy (1 heart)

Maybe I’m crazy, but this doesn’t seem like the same video I watched the first time. It seems like some parts were removed. Even if that was the case though, it’s still not a great video and still looks kind of cheap. I’m standing behind my original rating of one heart for this one.

Love in Space by Cherry Bullet (2 hearts)

The main complaint from my first take was that it was missing something and forgettable. I still find it forgettable, particularly that this song could have been done by many groups. Also, I’m not a fan of the choreography. So I am keeping it at two hearts.

Feel My Rhythm by Red Velvet (2 hearts)

My opinion doesn’t change too much from my previous take. I did watch the entire video and it was still mostly boring. It is very grand, but it goes nowhere. But my main complaint now is that I really don’t like the song at all. Part of me wants to lower them to one heart because I really didn’t like the song, but I’m keeping it at two purely because they are vocally very impressive.

Step Back by GOT the beat (1 heart)

I have heard snippets of this song since I first listened to it, and I still hate it. I cannot get past how grating their voices are when they sing together. It just sounds awful and unlistenable. This is honestly close to replacing my most hated k-pop song ever, so it is definitely staying at one heart.

Rica Rica by Nature (1 Heart)

This is more of a performance video than a music video, to be honest. And the choreography is, dare I say, stupid at many parts. It just highlights how weird the song is. And overall, this entire comeback is forgettable. So it stays at one heart.

Happy Death Day by Xdinary Heroes (2 hearts)

My opinion is the same as my first take. I like the verses and bridge but dislike the chorus. The video never returning to the birthday party setup is a choice I don’t understand or like very much. I do think that even with those criticisms, it is more of a three hearts than a two.

Pick Me Up by Kiara (2 hearts)

I honestly forgot she came out with this song which, after rewatching, isn’t super surprising because there really isn’t anything memorable about it. I still think she looks really awkward without choreography and the video is boring, but I am increasing it to three hearts because I like the song more than I had.

Beautiful Night by Hi-L (2 hearts)

My thoughts haven’t changed at all from my first take. The chorus needs something to boost it above the verses and the majority of the girls sound the same. The video has nothing to elevate it either. So it stays at two hearts.

A-Ha by Hyolyn (2 hearts)

I’m still not a fan of the song style or this video. I’m glad she tried something different, but I’m not a fan of it. I will say that listening to this in the summer makes more sense than how it suddenly becomes a Christmas song out of nowhere. I can’t find a reason to raise this higher than the two hearts I originally gave it.

Kiss Kiss by Laboum (1 heart)

My opinion hasn’t changed on this one. It really seems like they had multiple people storyboard this video and then took the parts they liked and pieced them together with no logic. The song is still boring and the choreography is still awkward. My rating is staying at one heart.

XOXO by Jeon Somi (2 hearts)

I like to consider Dumb Dumb, XOXO, and Anymore as a trilogy. And of the trilogy, XOXO is the worst of them. I just really don’t like the concept and rewatching it was kind of uncomfortable, to be honest. And the chorus is annoying. So, to be controversial, I’m lowering the rating to one heart.

Gas Pedal by Cravity (2 hearts)

It still isn’t my favorite Cravity song, but I do think that it isn’t as low as I first rated it. I’ll give it three hearts, specifically because the verses and bridge are really solid. The chorus is still a little meh to me, but not two-hearts level of disinterest.

Queendom by Red Velvet ( 2 hearts)

This song could have been done by any girl group honestly. It just doesn’t fit Red Velvet in my opinion, or at least not what I like from Red Velvet. It’s just so generic and forgettable. And I listened/watched the whole video this time, and it is still boring and forgettable. Two hearts is where it stays.

Cerberus by Pentagon (2 hearts)

It just really isn’t my taste, so rating it at all is hard. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it is bad, and I don’t necessarily have anything bad to say. I just simply don’t like it. I’m keeping it at two hearts since I don’t have a reason to change it.

Lock Down by Epex (2 hearts)

If this was a comeback, my opinion would have been more neutral. But because it is their debut, I expect something more impactful so they make a statement and thus are remembered. Lock Down doesn’t do that in my opinion. Also, I noticed how the chorus feels disconnected from the rest of the song which I don’t like. So they are staying at two hearts and I am glad their comebacks since have been pretty good.

Alcohol-Free by Twice (2 hearts)

Now that I am more of a Twice fan and have heard snippets of this song since I first listened to it, I can say I have a more favorable opinion of it now. It’s a nice summery song without being too stereotypical and is overall pleasant to listen to. And I think only Twice could pull this song off. I do think that their other music is better overall, so I’m upgrading my rating to three hearts only.

Hot Sauce by NCT Dream (2 hearts)

Re-reading my original comments, it reads like it should be three hearts, not a two since I was overall neutral about it. It isn’t bad and is overall fine. I wouldn’t be offended if it randomly came on so I’m rating it three hearts like it probably should have been originally.

Next Level by aespa (2 hearts)

Now that I know this song is a remake, I find it even more low-budget than I first believed. SM is notorious for remakes and all the remakes I’ve heard are mediocre in my opinion. They are better when they create truly original music. I still don’t like the disjointed pieces that make it sound like three different songs shoved together. So it stays at two hearts.

Blind Love by GreatGuys (2 hearts)

Most of my critiques from my first take were about the video. So this time I didn’t even watch it. So now that I have gotten to properly listen to the song itself, I still rate it at only two hearts. It’s kind of bland and really needed strong vocals to make it work, which I don’t think GreatGuys has, unfortunately.

Nabillera by HyunA (1 heart)

The song is still annoying and has no energy so it is boring to listen to. Definitely still a one heart song for me.

GIRLS BY AESPA (2 hearts)

It’s still too predictable for my taste and I think all of their other comebacks have been better songs, much like how all of their other albums have been better than Girls was in my opinion. So I’m not changing my rating.

Don’t Call Me by SHINee (2 Hearts)

I still greatly question the fashion choices the stylists made for this video. And I have listened to this song independently of the video a few times and I still don’t like it very much. There are parts I like, but as a whole, it isn’t one I want to listen to very often. I don’t have a reason to change their rating, so it is staying at two hearts.

Kick Back by WayV (2 Hearts)

WayV title tracks tend to not be the songs I like from them. I think they have stronger b-sides, so I always wonder how they choose their title tracks. As for Kick Back, I mostly just don’t like the chorus. This is another one where I don’t have a good reason to change their rating, so at two hearts they stay.

On The Ground by Rosé (2 hearts)

I have a hard time with Rose’s solo work. It’s not terrible but I also can’t find a reason to like it. It doesn’t help that I find the music video unnecessarily over-the-top. They could have done something simpler and really made the song shine, which would suit the song better I think. I still expected better and after multiple listens and a rewatch, I can’t find a reason to change the rating from two hearts.

water color by Whee In (2 hearts)

I forgot this song even existed, so that tells you how memorable it is. It’s a pleasant enough listen and I think I’m more neutral about it now, so I’ll say it is at three hearts instead of two.

Got Chu by PoshGirls (2 hearts)

My opinion is the same as before. Girls wearing white in a woodsy area is in no way unique or interesting. And the song is fine. It’s also not very unique and the production is iffy. Something about the beat sounds weird.

Ice Cream by Blackpink

Ice Cream wasn’t part of any quick takes, but I have mentioned my general loathing of the song in other posts before. And I still hate it and it is one of the few songs I full-on say I hate. And that hasn’t changed at all. If I had to give it a heart rating now, it is getting only one.

Overall, my opinion changed more than I thought it would. Although I knew some would since my takes can depend on the mood I am in when listening, the other comebacks happening, and my general opinion of the artist. That is why it is good to give things a second listen.

Have you had your opinion change on a song with another listen? Tell me about it with a comment.

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2 replies on “Revisiting My Lowest Rated K-Pop Songs”

I didn’t watch any of the embedded videos, so if I don’t mention a song from the post, I’ve not heard it and thus can’t say anything about it —

Nmixx – O.O — I agree with you that it feels like 2 songs smashed together, and tbh, I don’t really care for either of them, much less when they’re combined.

Red Velvet – Feel My Rhythm — Maybe it’s becuz they had the air on the G String playing underneath it and I love me my classical sound mixing, but this is actually the 1st Red Velvet song that I’ve liked, and that’ actually pretty weird since I tend to go for “heavier” sounds, and this one is most definitely not a heavy song. Still and all, I’ve not really liked Red Velvet in the past so I don’t seek their music out.

Got the Beat – Step Back — I didn’t hate it, but it’s also completely forgettable to me. I truly can’t remember a thing about it.

Laboum — Kiss Kiss — I’ve heard a couple of songs by them (and only becuz one of the members had a supporting role in the “Backstreet rookie” kdrama so I looked up the unknown-to-me-before-then group she’s in), but they were complete nothingburgers to me, so I honestly can’t recall if this is one of the ones I’ve actually heard or not. If it is…. then it was utterly forgettable. If not, well…. I’d have to guess it was in the forgettable vein of the others.

Twice – Alcohol Free — I dunno what it is about Twice since, as I mentioned above, I tend to go for the “darker” or “heavier” sounds, but whenever I listen to their music it just puts a smile on my face, and this song is no exception. I certainly can’t say I think it’s a great piece of music, and yet I still am happy whenever I listen to it. Go figure.

aespa – Next Level and Girls – I enjoyed Black Mamba, but everything else they’ve put out has been a miss for me.

Rose – On the Ground — Blackpink has been missing more and more as time goes by, so I’ve been entirely uninterested in their solo work. I’ve honestly only seen this one due to watching Jordan Orme breaking down the videography of it, but never actually watched the video itself, and nothing about it from watching Jordan’s breakdown of it made me want to go watch it uninterrupted afterward.

Blackpink – Ice Cream – The video’s kinda fun at 1st with all the bright colors, but the song itself is musically uninteresting and the lyrics are vapid at best, so yeah…. another miss for me.

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