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Omno Review


Omno is an adventure puzzle platformer through an ancient, fantastical world. You will have to use light to guide you, unveil secrets, and solve puzzles as you travel through this world and discover what it hides.

Omno is a solo-developed game from Jonas Manke and the objective is to traverse different lands, discover unfamiliar creatures, and solve puzzles. You’ll have to platform and utilize the creatures you find and befriend to help you through your journey through the beautiful sceneries.

Seriously, the sceneries are quite stunning. Each new location is unique and beautiful in its own way, and you can see that in the screenshots of the game. And each space brings its own challenges that are utilized in the puzzles.

I have to admit, I did not make it very far into the game because I got frustrated with the handling of the controls. All of my motion lagged behind my inputs which became frustrating to the point I quit the game. I was on the lowest settings and this lag still occurred, which made it difficult to platform. And if you can’t platform, you can’t solve the puzzles. That was my ultimate dilemma after having fallen into the reset river for the umpteenth time simply trying to get to a part I already completed but needed to reach to move on. And this was the only thing that lagged, and after some research, I wasn’t the only one who faced this issue.

Admittedly, the game looks great and like a genuinely pleasant time, if short according to other players. I wonder if I had either a much higher quality computer or if I played on a console if the experience would be different. However I’ve been able to play more graphically intense games on this computer, so a quick puzzle platformer shouldn’t have lagging control inputs. I don’t want to let one issue completely color my thoughts on the game, but when the issue impedes the entire purpose of a game (to play it) it is hard not to.

So my overall recommendation is, if the aesthetics and gameplay intrigue you and you have a console or gaming-focused computer, give it a try. Although wait until it is on sale or if it is bundled with other games that ultimately lowers its price.

Conveniently, Omno is a part of August 2022’s Humble Choice, where you can get it along with other games.

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