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Favorite Sub-Unit Songs


Sub-units are when K-Pop groups have smaller groupings within their members that will create music outside of full group tracks. There is truly a plethora of great sub-unit songs out there, so I am sharing a few of my favorites.

Dejavu by NU’EST W

I’m not sure I really know how to explain why this is a favorite of mine besides the fact that I really enjoy it. I really like the music style and the overall vibe/energy it has.

Baby Don’t Stop by NCT Ten & Taeyong

Baby Don’t Stop is one of my earliest favorite K-Pop songs. Plus I really love both Ten and Taeyong, and seeing them together is honestly a treat. The song is also kind of addictive, even with some of its more questionable lyrics.


This was a love-on-first listen kind of song for me. Like with NU’EST W’s Dejavu, I’m not sure how to explain why this is a favorite besides the fact I enjoy the style and overall vibe of it. It is a really strong song and concept that I really enjoy.

House of Cards by BTS Vocal Line

My list of favorites could easily be filled with all of the different BTS sub-units easily, but I forced myself to narrow it down. So for the vocal line, I chose House of Cards. It is such a stunning song that is dramatic and showcases their vocals well.

Overdose by EXO-K

This is one of the very first K-Pop songs I ever listened to and is probably one of the factors that defined my taste in K-Pop songs, so it earned a spot on this list for that alone.

We Go by 3RACHA

Many different 3RACHA songs could go in this list, like the iconic Matryoshka for example, but my personal favorite is actually under the Stray Kids name. We Go is such a vibe, plus it is on my favorite Stray Kids album, and it shows how they have grown since their pre-debut SoundCloud days.

Naughty by Irene & Seulgi

Between Naught and Monster, Naughty is my clear favorite because I prefer the song as well as the iconic choreography. It is simply a really good and unique song.

Get It by Pristin V

The extent of my knowledge of Pristin is from this song and sub-unit, to be honest. I really enjoy the cool girl vibes of this song thus why it is one of my favorites.

Ddaeng by BTS Rap Line

BTS’ rap line has many great tracks together, and this 2018 Festa exclusive is my favorite of them all. The beat and use of traditional instruments along with modern sounds make this a unique track. Add in the lyrical genius of the rapper-producers just makes it that much better.

Wow by Stray Kids Lee Know, Felix, & Hyunjin

Stray Kids’ Wow (not to be confused with 3RACHA’s Wow) is a great song for the three dancers of the group. The three of them have the perfect vocals and attitude for this song.

La Di Da by Hui & Kino

This was the song that made me decide to write this post actually. I really enjoy the vibe the song has, being casually fun and easy to listen to.

What are some of your favorite sub-unit songs? Let me know with a comment!

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