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First Look: Teacup


Teacup is an adorable narrative adventure game where you play as a small, shy frog on her journey to find the ingredients she needs for her tea party. I played the demo for this wholesome experience and want to share my thoughts with you.

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As I said, you play as an adorable frog named Teacup who must venture outside of her home in order to acquire the necessary ingredients to make tea before her tea party guests arrive. You have a reference book to help you know what you need and where to find it, and you can acquire items in any order. You may have to travel a little bit to get what you need as well as help the over residents of this cutely drawn world to get your ingredients.

Besides exploring to find your items, there are also mini-games to play to complete helpful tasks that will reward you with your ingredients. These include a Tetris-like puzzle game as well as a rhythm and pattern game. I’m sure there are more beyond that, but that is all that was included in the demo. There aren’t the clearest instructions for these mini-games, so while the Tetris puzzle was quick to figure out, the rhythm one took me a little bit.

Overall, Teacup is definitely the wholesome game the devs tout it to be. It is a relaxing experience with a bunch of sweet whimsy and a touch of humor that makes it overall enjoyable. The art is perfect for the overall tone and the gameplay is simple yet meaningful. I plan to play the full game because I enjoyed the demo so much.

Teacup is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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