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Favorite K-Pop Debuts


K-Pop debuts are a monumental first step for new artists as their first impression to the fans. While there are many good debuts, only some wow me to the point of becoming a favorite. And here are the ones that made the cut.

Replay by SHINee

There is something so pleasantly simple about Replay that gives it so much staying power. This isn’t a song that would be a debut nowadays, so it feels special in that regard.

Eleven by IVE

Eleven is honestly an incredible debut for IVE. I was definitely wowed when I first watched and listened to it because it doesn’t sound like a brand-new group’s song at all. It is one of those you could confuse with a comeback because it is so strong.


LATATA is like Eleven where sometimes I forget that it is a debut because it is such a good song. And it is also a really good introduction to (G)I-DLE and the music that follows.

Spider by Hoshi

Hoshi did something really special with his solo debut Spider. It is really unique and was a standout for me when it came out. Overall it is quite memorable which is what a debut should be.

Black Mamba by aespa

I’ll be honest and say I was blown away by Black Mamba when it was released and I think it is still aespa’s best title track. I enjoy their concept and how it was initially presented through their debut.

Ponzona by Purple Kiss

I love it when a group debuts with something different than other debuts and comebacks happening, which is what Purple Kiss did with Ponzona. The song is a perfect introduction to the group’s overall concept as well.

Agust D by Agust D

I don’t even know how to describe this debut but it is basically BTS’ Suga’s alter ego’s debut (that’s a mouthful). Anyway, this debut is really iconic especially since it is quite anti-Kpop in a way. It is clear that Agust D and Suga are different while still being a part of Yoongi, so showing the dichotomy of the two makes it a favorite of mine.

Bonnie & Clyde by Yuqi

I just really love this song regardless of it being a debut. It is perfect for Yuqi’s voice and works well for a solo debut.

POP! by Nayeon

Debuts don’t need to be complicated, and POP! is a good, modern example of that. It is such a fun song that I really enjoy and easily became a favorite for those reasons alone.

Valkyrie by Oneus

Valkyrie is so good that I question how this is a debut song and not a seasoned comeback. It is such a strong song that I feel like not enough people are even aware of but should be.

Honorable Mentions

No More Dream by BTS & District 9 by Stray Kids

Both of these songs are honorable mentions for the same reason: without these songs, we wouldn’t have these groups. And I deeply love both BTS and Stray Kids, so while their debuts are not my favorites of all time, I still appreciate their existence a lot.

What debuts are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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