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Quick Takes: August K-Pop Debuts and Comebacks


Another month had ended which means another month of new K-Pop to check out. So I’m giving my quick takes on all of the debuts and comebacks we got this August!

I’m only sharing the debuts and comebacks I actually paid attention to and not every single one that happened in the month. So if a favorite artist of yours isn’t in here, tell me about them in a comment and I’ll check them out!


Who am I? by Envidia (MAKAMAKA Subunit)

I don’t have familiarity with their group so to me this is their true first introduction. And it is a decent intro, with the song mostly a pleasant listen and the video fun without being over the top. There were a couple of parts I’m not a fan of and overall I wouldn’t say I loved this, but it is alright.


Password by INI (J-Pop)

I don’t follow J-Pop very much, but I was intrigued by this when it came up on a K-Pop site I follow. So I gave it a view and a listen, and I enjoyed it. It is very similar to the K-Pop songs and concepts I enjoy. The intro was a little odd and I don’t know how I feel about the chorus. Something just sounds off, but I think after a few listens that will go away.

La Vida Loco by NIK (J-Pop)

Another J-Pop entry! This time though I was already familiar with NIK, having done a quick take on their debut. I like the song and most of the video, but I noticed some weird parts where either a member wasn’t lipsyncing or they looked uncomfortable. That doesn’t lower my enjoyment of the song, especially since this is likely the only time I will even watch the music video.

Wing Wing by Kep1er

This is their Japanese debut and I have seen no one talking about it, which is interesting. And after watching/listening, I’m not that surprised because it is pretty generic. I can think of numerous groups who could have done this song. I enjoy it, I even like it more because it doesn’t sound like a Kep1er song, which probably sounds controversial. But I also think I’m going to forget about it not too long after writing this post.

Chemical by from20

This is another one that I found through a different blog, having not heard of from20 before this. But people were praising this song, so I decided to check it out. And I definitely understand why it is being praised. The overall vibe is perfect for the song, it is a very enjoyable listen, and I have nothing to complain about.

Smartphone by Yena

It’s a fun song with a ridiculous video. I can’t say I enjoy the video because I am not one for obnoxious visuals, but the song is enjoyable and I don’t want to say the comeback is bad because I don’t like the video. I’m sure if I watched a stage of the song I would enjoy that more so it isn’t a bad comeback at all.

Forever 1 by Girl’s Generation

This was probably my most anticipated comeback of the month because Girl’s Generation is one of the most iconic groups in all of K-Pop. And I was not disappointed. This definitely feels like a celebratory song for them that is modern but still fits SNSD’s overall concept. I really like it, but it is just short of being a full five hearts for me. Closer to a 4.5, and I think that is due to the video not being very coherent.

Timeless by The Boyz

It’s a wholesome song that is generally enjoyable, just not my cup of tea. I don’t really have anything else to say on it.

Replay by Golden Child

This song is right in my preference sweet spot, so I easily enjoyed it. I don’t think it is the most revolutionary comeback ever, and not Golden Child’s best, but I still think it is a solid song. It just needed something to make it more special, in my opinion.

Kiss by Tri.Be

The chorus is the best part of the song for sure, but it is overall a good song. And it fits TRI.BE’s overall concept really well while also giving us something new. Overall a solid comeback.

Whisper by The Boyz

Is it just me or does this set look like it would be in a girl group music video? That’s not a negative, just an observation. The set fits the song well and overall I enjoy the song. It has a touch of summer vibes without it being the sole focus, which works well since we’re at the end of the season.

Undercover by Craxy

Craxy has redeemed themselves for me with this comeback. I really disliked their previous comeback and, even though I like a variety from groups, they are at their best doing darker, girl crush.

Your Song by ONF

It’s a pleasant song and it is an enjoyable listen. I don’t feel strongly about it and think it is the most amazing comeback ever but it is certainly not bad either. The one thing I didn’t necessarily like was how their video was done completely in front of a greenscreen because, even though the editors did a great job, something was still a bit off for me.

DaSH by BAE173

I know that basically every boy group now has this kind of concept and sound, but I really enjoy when BAE173 does it because it fits them so well. I have no complaints for this comeback honestly.

Engine by LUMINOUS

This is such a fun song. The one thing I found odd at first was the starting scene of the video being so dark compared to the rest of the video. But that worked itself out for me as it progressed so it works overall.

Bye Bye Bye by SKYLE

I like the song, but it also feels like I’ve heard it before. It isn’t the most unique sound so plenty of other songs have had similar beats and concepts. It isn’t bad, just not special. I do want to applaud the fact that this is quite different from their debut so it is good to see different concepts.

After Like by IVE

IVE doesn’t disappoint. I love the Gloria Gaynor sample and how well it fits in the song without the song just being a complete remake of it. The song is the best part of the comeback, as it should be.

458 by CIX

I love that I never really know what to expect from Cix. They have a lot of diversity in their music and concepts and they don’t tend to do what everyone else is doing. 458 fits that description and I’m glad to see something fresh. I will say that this isn’t my favorite Cix title track, but it is a strong comeback.

Fuego (Burn it up) by BLANK2Y

I’m very unfamiliar with Blank2y since I missed their debut earlier this year. As the first impression to me, it is a decent song and concept that we’ve seen and heard before. I enjoy it, I’m just not wowed by it.

24/7 by DKB

I like the song, but the visuals and concept just don’t fit in my opinion. The confusing concept made it a little hard to enjoy the song to be honest. In my opinion, the video is meant to highlight and enhance the music. This seemed like they had a concept that they wanted to do and put a random song over it. And that just pulls everything down.

Talk that Talk by Twice

It’s like every other Twice comeback. Nothing was a surprise and the visuals didn’t fully match the song in my opinion. I wanted more to be honest.

Flash by Rocket Punch

I really like the song, the chorus especially. The video just exists to me and didn’t necessarily make the song better for me, but the song is strong enough on its own. Overall I think it is a solid comeback.

Can’t Stop Shining by TEMPEST

It’s a fun and enjoyable song with an appropriately fitting video. I don’t have much more feelings beyond that, to be honest.

Gasoline by KEY

Okay but these costumes are insane. Like I know SM is loaded, but damn. And even with all of the distractions in the video from sets to costumes, the song is still the strongest part of it all. It somehow all works even though it all looks outrageous. This is easily the most impressive comeback from August.

RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world) by Billie

I was prepared to not enjoy this comeback since Billie’s overall concept is a bit too cooky for me usually. But I actually really enjoyed this comeback. Do I fully understand the video? No. But the visuals worked perfectly for the song and as a group, they really rocked this concept (pun intended).

What new music have you been enjoying this month, K-pop or not? Tell me about it with a comment!

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5 replies on “Quick Takes: August K-Pop Debuts and Comebacks”

What? No Pink Venom from that group neither of us is really a fan of anymore? I’ve not seen the vid nor heard the song and don’t really care to, but I’ve still heard of it, so I’m surprised you didn’t at least mention it in passing 😉

I watched Jordan Orme’s breakdown of it and he noted a lot of similarities to the Kill this Love video, so even he was going “Are thye getting repetitive?”

Having watched that, the video itself got put in my suggestions and so my 12-yr old daughter wanted to watch it tonight, so we did. As we got to the 1st chorus even she said “this chorus is… not doing it for me,” though hse still said she liked the song overall, but even she noticed that the chorus was very simplistic and repetitive.

BP is too focused on their modeling, acting, and solo work anymore perhaps? Isn’t the average “duration” of a girl group only about 5-7 years anyway for more or less those reasons?

7 years is the initial contract length. I have a feeling that YG is going do to BP the same they did to 2NE1. And honestly that would be for the best because if they actually want to be singers, they need a company that treats them like ones. But some have said that they already renewed their contract with YG.

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