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K-Pop Songs From Disbanded Groups That We Should Never Forget


Unfortunately not every K-Pop group can stay together forever and end up disbanding. But we should never forget the amazing music they made while active. Here are just some songs from groups no longer with us that deserve to be remembered.

When brainstorming this list, I focused on groups and songs that could run the risk of being forgotten. So you may have expected some groups or songs on here like Wonder Girls or I am the Best by 2NE1, but I don’t foresee them being forgotten anytime soon. Should they be appreciated? Of course. But I want to highlight lesser-known groups. This is all in my opinion of course, so if you think I missed a song or group leave me a comment so I can check it out.

Not That Type by gugudan

Gugudan was decently popular during their active years, but I had never heard of them until finding this song. So while fans haven’t forgotten them, they could still use a reintroduction for those of us newer to the overall K-Pop fandom.

We Are Legendary by Sonamoo

My introduction to Sonamoo is similar to how I learned about Gugudan. They’ve been disbanded for a while so they have faded from people’s awareness. We Are Legendary is both the first song I heard from them as well as my favorite, although they do have some great music. But we can’t forget these legends and their legendary song.

Ddalala by Xum

What a short lived career for Xum, debuting and disbanding with one song. When it is a situation like this, the group could easily be forgotten which is why that, even with only one song, I think they should be remembered.

Make This by 1Team

This song alone should have made 1Team more popular because it is so good and definitely a standout in their discography. They have many great songs that you should check out, but make This is a strong track that we need to remember. It is also my top favorite song on this list.

Give me dat by Argon

With so many groups doing strong and badass concepts, the competition for recognition is massive and that is what sealed Argon’s fate. Since I am personally a fan of those concepts, I enjoyed Argon’s music and Give Me Dat specifically. It has it’s own charm that makes it in my opinion a solid track within the badass concept.

*Dazzle by might be the one group on this list that I am really, really sad disbanded. They only made it to one comeback after debut and I was so hopeful when their debut song *Dazzle released. It felt special, so I don’t it to go forgotten.

Echo by Seven O’Clock

Seven O’Clock disbanded while I was in the genre fandom and it was sad to see them go. Echo is my personal favorite song and one of their most successful, and after spending years trying to make it big, I think they deserve this recognition.

Drip by Hinapia

It’s sad that their debut song is also their disbandment song. Hinapia had so much potential and could have been a great group in the girl crush era of K-Pop.

What disbanded groups do you wish was still active? Let me know with a comment.

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