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Island Cities Review


Island Cities is a casual 3D puzzle game from Mens Sana Interactive where you are tasked with re-orienting these floating locations back to their natural state. I gave this relaxing game a play and here are my thoughts.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

The premise of Island Cities is really as simple as re-arranging the different tiles to recreate the city as seen prior to the puzzle. The cities will come alive as you complete sections and every section is denoted with a specific color/textured ground. The complexity comes as you progress to each new island and the difficulty of the puzzles increases. The difficulty comes from island size mostly as they get larger and taller as you go. It is all very straightforward and easy to understand from the get-go.

My compliments primarily go to the art style and how smoothly the whole game plays and functions. The cute art is very fitting for the overall relaxed vibe the game has. The clean and simple UI is appreciated and the game runs with no hiccups which is nice for my not-necessarily-optimized computer I currently have. I find that makes it more accessible since you don’t need the top gaming machine to play, which makes it great for casual players who enjoy straightforward puzzles.

Is this the most ingenious puzzle game I have ever played? No, but it does well with familiar mechanics and is generally an enjoyable game to play. If you enjoy relaxing puzzles, you’ll enjoy Island Cities.

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