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First Look: The Outbound Ghost


Help ghosts ascend to the afterlife by battling the past with fragments of your antemortem self in The Outbound Ghost, a postmortem adventure RPG from Conradical Games.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

In The Outbound Ghost, you play as a ghost not from the area you have found yourself in. Said area is filled with fellow specters who are stuck on Earth until they resolve their burden, meaning they need to complete a certain task. You help these fellow phantoms while also discovering what happened to you since you supposedly have a strange case of amnesia that gave you the ability to see enemy apparitions that you battle against.

The gameplay primarily focuses on exploring the place you’ve found yourself, finding enemies and allies alike as you do. You will collect useful items that can either be tools to aid exploring or help you upgrade your fragments, which are used in battles, and thus make you stronger against your enemies. These can strengthen existing stats or add/upgrade specific skills for each fragment. Each fragment has a unique skill set from healing allies to special attacks to use during the turn-based fights you face. It is all very straightforward, not revolutionary mechanically but unique in the characters themselves.

I can tell I have merely scratched the surface story-wise which is the most intriguing part in my opinion. The supposed amnesia is an interesting beginning to whatever greater plot they will build towards. The gameplay is good, but not really enough to draw me in for the long run, to be honest. I know I haven’t reached my highest potential in the turn-based battles, but I do feel like there isn’t much more to accomplish. Granted, I play on easier settings so maybe increasing difficulty would help make the gameplay feel more worthwhile.

Overall, The Outbound Ghost has been a pleasant play mostly due because of the story, with unobjectionable gameplay that is likely best played on a harder difficulty.

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