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First Look: We Are OFK


We Are OFK is a biopic series and interactive E.P. about four friends dreaming, dating, and paying rent in Los Angeles while striving for their personal dreams.

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

The game is essentially an episodic visual novel following Luca, Carter, Jey, and Itsumi who all have big dreams but harsh realities. You’ll engage in conversations where you will make choices and experience interactive minigames through music video segments. I am unsure how impactful your choices are for the story and if you really have any control of the story since this is a biopic game, so presumably, the story can only go one way. So the gameplay is simple, but that leaves room for what is truly compelling which is the story.

It is interesting to see how these characters start to develop and react to certain situations around them. We slowly get introduced to them and their pasts, which carry troubles and opportunities alike. And the complexity they have makes you connect with them and want to see what happens and how the foursome comes together personally and musically.

I cannot write this post without mentioning the art, because it is really perfect for the overall tone of the game and is generally well done and pleasing. The music is also pleasing, not just the music of the actual OFK band but also the background. The overall aesthetics and style are so good and set the stage for the story well.

Overall, We Are OFK is a pleasant experience that plays more like a movie than a game, which I honestly don’t consider a negative. The best part is the plot and characters and the simple interaction doesn’t deter me from wanting to play. It would be a big plus if your choices definitely made a difference, but with how far I have played I am not certain.

Is there a group or person you’d want to play a biopic game for? Share your ideas in the comments!

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