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Ghibli Roleplay, Magical Familiars, and Cozy Card Games: Kickstart Your Week 9


Kickstarter is always full of cool new projects to check out, and it has been a while since I have. But after a deep dive, here are some that caught my eye!

Koriko: A Magical Year

Koriko: A Magical Year is a tarot-driven story game of novice witches, urban exploration, and teenage drama for one player. It is reminiscent of the Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service, where you are now on Kiki’s broom as she travels to an unknown town for a year of magical discoveries. It is designed for contemplative solo play and is said to be a wonderful introduction to roleplaying games for new players. Plus there is the opportunity for those with marginalized identities or who are experiencing poverty to get the game for a lower cost thanks to the generosity of other pledgers. This was the game that started my deep dive into current Kickstarters, and I did back this and added community copies too.

Familiars and Foes

Band together with your fellow familiars to save your coven from kidnapping in Familiars and Foes, a cooperative tabletop game for 1-5 players. You’ll have to use magic and artifacts to save your coven, and each familiar has unique spells and abilities to help the team. The cute art caught my eye and the concept made me investigate, finding a thorough and fun game great for friends and family.

COLORS: Ailee XR Concert

I was curious to see what searching for K-Pop would get me, and I certainly did not expect to see a metaverse concert by an established artist on Kickstarter. It is ultimately an online concert celebrating Ailee’s 10th debut anniversary. The backers will have production input on, specifically assigning colors to Ailee’s different songs that will then play a role in the performance of said songs. Backers also get a ticket to the concert which is scheduled to occur in November.

Black Dragon’s Guild

Black Dragon’s Guild is a language-independent euro game set in a fantasy world where you will try to become the new guild master. You carefully choose your comrades based on different skills in order to form your guild of adventurers and complete missions to increase your reputation and ultimately win. With the playable pieces being imagery-focused, the game becomes playable for anyone regardless of language and is more accessible, especially for those with multilingual game groups.

Self Careless

In this cozy card game about life balance, you play solo as you schedule your day with chores and self-care, gaining power through fancy coffee and trying to not overrun your busy day. The art may be familiar if you have seen the work of Cassandra Calin, and if you want to play with someone there is the “Cat Deck” where it is you versus the pet. It is a fun and relatable game that is fully funded, so a good chance to jump in and get it early.

Scored To Death: The Dark Art of Scary Movie Music

Scored To Death: The Dark Art of Scary Movie Music is a feature-length documentary exploring the craft of creating horror film music. It is based on a book series that explored the craft of horror film scoring in great detail, and the author of the books is also leading the creation of the companion documentary. Since we are in the spooky season, it felt like a cool project to share.

Elevenses: The Guilty Party

Set the table, enjoy your tea, and watch out for the murderer in Elveneses: The Guilty Party. You play as a guest at a fancy afternoon tea along with your fellow players. But when the hostess becomes the victim, you all become suspects and the one that is determined to be the most suspicious will be the one arrested at the end. This is a classy addition to any social deduction collection.

Have you backed any projects recently? Tell me about them via the comments below!

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