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First Look: Witchy Life Story


Witchy Life Story is a wholesome crafting visual novel from Sundew Studios about a witch having just two weeks to save a town’s harvest festival through magic. Tend your garden and collect plants for spells and rituals to help the villagers of Flora. After all, if magic isn’t for solving everyday problems, what’s the point of a village witch anyway?

A copy of this game was provided for the purposes of this review.

In Witchy Life Story, you play a young witch from the infamous von Teasel family who is proudly not like the other Teasels. Because of that though, you get sent to the small town of Flora to help them with their annual harvest festival that has been devolving over recent years. So you are tasked with helping the citizens of Flora, who seem very wary of you, and save their festival to help the town.

The gameplay consists of receiving requests from the residents and fulfilling them using your magic. These requests include potions, oils, incense, and charms. You will use varying plants with different associations to craft, with everything you need in your garden or the local shop, and all the information you need in your grimoire. It is very straightforward and simple, so an easy game for anyone to play.

The other part of gameplay is via character interactions. You will inevitably talk to the villagers when delivering their spells and enchantments, which will give you options to develop your relationship with everyone and lead to different interaction outcomes. There is the occasional option to potentially romance a character, but you can just as easily just develop friendships. By talking to everyone, you will also make interesting discoveries that you will learn more about as the game progresses. It adds a nice touch of mystery to keep you engaged.

The art of the game is very fitting for the tone and style of the game. You can customize your character’s appearance to make them more personal which can also add an interesting additional layer to how you fit with the town or not. Of all the art, my favorite is the scenery art like the inside of your home or your garden. There is a homey wholesomeness that helps sets an overall vibe for this lighthearted game.

Overall, I have enjoyed what I have played of Witchy Life Story so far. It is very chill to play, with nothing too strenuous or mentally taxing. There is a hint of mystery in the story that keeps the game engaging, and with easy gameplay, it doesn’t feel tedious to progress. All in all, an enjoyable, relaxed experience.

If you were a witch, what animal would your familiar be? Mine is definitely a cat, so let me know yours in the comments.

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